Team fortress Gate bonus not working,


I decided to build a team of Fortress gates because i thought that with bonuses ti might work but then i get the construct bonus and it does not give my gates armour. All other bonuses work just fine but the armour one isn’t. Is this a bug or no.


A bug already noted by developers, so it’s being worked on.


Excellent. Even though i did not get the armour bonus i thought if this wins then fml.


I actually had a similar issue where the bonus didn’t show in the troop management screen, but in battle it showed up, so you might try putting them in an easy battle to test that theory.


i did and they didnt have the bonus in the battle and i was like but why you no bonus and theni went to the team setup area and they still had no bonus but if it is being worked on then i will wait to use this more or less badish team. btw even though i lose the game i got 102 gold for it so i cant be mad.


While you are right about team manage screen, that it often isn’t the same as stats in battle, but as for constructs they don’t even receive bonus I’n battle.