The Never Ending Story (ahhhhhhh)


yet another game where I’m at an empass. Like, c’mon batty. Die.


Did you win yet :joy:


I believe in you


“Impasse” - which is vaguely appropriate for trying to kill someone by wiggling a reinforced door threateningly at them. :smile:


That’s a rather strange build I’d say.


Yet, it appears to work well.

Tons of teams and Troops are viable, but most only want speed so the “slow” Teams/Troops get labelled as “crap” unfairly


This is very true, i miss when i could run a team and ascending fortress gate gave it attack. Open the door and it kills a goblin, smashing!



Wait how did you kill the first three troops?


Presumably they didn’t constantly self-heal.


This raises the question, has all the damage from this team come from one troop?


The first Troop wasn’t Fortress Gate the whole team neither


I wish i knew what it was because summoner troops are awesome.


The card below fortress summoned fortress.
The card that was where fortress is was Infernal King. :slight_smile:



Finally, an on-topic post



That movie has not aged well. Just sayin’.


That movie wasn’t good when it came out. LOL


It was all lies, it actually ends