Never Ending Story

This may or may not have posted but I think it’s great.

A never ending battle where your team goes up against random enemies that respawn at progressively higher levels!

There could be a global battle where you can use any 4 troops you own

There can be a battle for each Kingdom using 4 troops from each Kingdom

Could also do a only Common Troop Category, a certain type only Category, or any kind of Category really.

Obviously there would be leaderboards for each one

Going back to the Kingdom only battle it can be tied in with the Weekly Kingdom with a leaderboard of it’s own for the week!

I’m sure it’d take a bit to put together behind the scenes since the game flow isn’t meant for continous flow until you lose but hell it’d be sweet.

Please post agreements/disagreements, ideas, suggestions, and any other fun filled piece of text!


Someone will probably bring up that stat scaling buffers would be the dominant strategy here. Loop and buff up to 1000 stats in the early rounds and then just go for as long as possible. The problem is this would be stale after just a few tries.

I think a mode like this would work better if it wasn’t “endless” and about how far you could get, but rather something enough to be a battle long enough where attrition could be a factor so you’d want to be conservative about making trades and build a team that can go the distance but doesn’t need the extended looping stat buffing setup to be entirely frontloaded. Say, a few dozen troops, scaling into a bit higher than what an average PvP battle would be. Maybe throw a boss at the end of it.

I think Arena has a good solution to the idea of an infinite run. The game goes on until you either lose twice or win a fixed number of times. For a mode that isn’t limited-pool like Arena, I think maybe a nice idea would be “you can choose 8, 10, or 20 matches and stats scale each match”.