New mode suggestion: Guild Gauntlet

So, a member of my guild just thought of this and it looks like a cool idea.
Basically, you could pick a guild and work your way up through the ranks through every member in some sort of endurance challenge based on their current pvp defense.
It could be limited like to 3 gauntlets per week to each player and give some nice rewards according to the overall power of the guild and how well you perform (20, 25 and 30 wins).
Beat a full top guild, get a medal of Nysha :smiley:

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Oh please, not another excuse for people to put up all the abnoxious pvp defense teams.
With so many gem and time sink events, pvp (at least till the ever-promised revamp) should serve as the brainless gold (cough, cough) and rank farm.
I don’t want to spend 1+ minute to finish a battle in this setting.

Plus there is a version of your idea and it’s called Guild Wars! :stuck_out_tongue:


How about if the matches were themed according to the kingdom the players had set to their home, so only those home troops were available and the AI builds the opponent’s team in a similar way to how we see Challenge Explore teams constructed?

Then there is no onus on the opponent to have to do anything (e.g. if they don’t even want to get involved with this format in the first place), and could at least prompt players to change Kingdoms now and again.

edit: This gives greater meaning to pets, too.

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