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New PvP Mode: Skirmishes, aka "No Gems, Just Glory"

I hear the complaints all the time: I am tired of fighting the same team, nay, opponent, in PvP. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s True. There’s even a forum thread to back me up. (Link available upon request)

Something I also hear alot is ‘you don’t know what it’s like to fight in b1 noob’. That statement is not true, because I have fought in b1. Not important to my proposal.

Every Monday, a Guild’s Paragon (that’d be me) selects a Rival Guild, either from the guilds on its current trophy LB screen (175 thru 197 in our case), or the top 25 screen.

On the PvP tab, in addition to the Ranked and Casual Tabs, there would be a Rivals Tab. No fights available on Monday while Paragon (me again) gets around to selecting the Rival Guild, but then the Tuesday thru Sunday battles would be randomly selected from that guilds roster, using that days color scheme and troops from the most recent GW.

Instead of fighting the same 4-5 opponents, we’d be selecting from a pool of up to 30 players. And, unless they are like a few of our Soldiers (no shade, Raiders. If you need new team ideas, I’m here to help), you’d face different teams from those players thruought the week.

Gold payouts would be the same, but since the ‘top Guild’ players could select other ‘top Guilds’ to be their rivals, the team scores for Battle options 1 thru 3 would likely be higher than they are now.

And because it’ll be a Rival Guild, Rival and Revenge battle frequencies will increase. More battles, moar Glory.

Teams and rosters would be locked from the previous GW to prevent Firebomb Teams from infiltrating the Rival tab. (I certainly hope no Raiders are using those, tho I have no way to confirm).

Dead guilds might choose that 1 player guild, but where’s the glory in that? Guilds caught doing cheese like that will be deemed dishonorable, and summarily disharged from the Rival tab until the next GW. Choose wisely, Paragons. Your Guild’s Honor is at stake.


There could be a reward structure included for Guilds that reach a certain number of victories vs their Rival, but I will leave that for smarter minds than my own.

Please feel free to add suggestions and/or comments.

I’ll get ya started.

 "C'mon Chunky, they can't switch Carved and Watery from Doomed Club and Blade".  I hear ya.

 "if you want to fight b1 opponents join a b1 guild".  We'll get there soon enough.  Just looking for a few good Raiders, and training up the ones we got.

 "it should be the Guild Leader that chooses the rival guild.". A fair point, but some guild leaders are afk.  Anyway, I trust my Guild Leader to make the right decisions.
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