Endurance runs!

a mode I’d like to see is an endurance run you start with a team of your choice and they start with 999 health and armor and enemy teams keep appearing one after the other and after each team, their level goes up by ten (starting from 20) and it keeps going until your last troop falls and your rewards are based on how many teams you beat


Absolutely. I’ve wanted the same thing for a long time.

Something like that certainly sounds interesting.
I think we would need restricted troops though.
Thanks to things like devour, mang, doubling stats, etc the stats and power of your own troops could spiral out of control if you survive the first few waves.
Or the enemy teams need to consist mostly of things like curse+stun+death mark and instakill/devour/Zuul.
Cool idea, difficult to balance.

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I like the idea a bit. I would rather prefer a survival mode tho with regular stats. Where you maybe got to change out a troop(from a pool of 3 others) after every match or batch/waves of matches. If an ally dies you can only have 3 troops for the run etc.

Stats lost will remain lost in the next match. Troop restrictions needed.

if you have troop restrictions then it’s be nothing more than an arena clone what I was thinking is you start with max health and armor 999 each but there’s no way to recover it by devouring other troops so all troops in the mode you’d be facing would have indigestible by default those that don’t naturality have it would have it tacked as you’d see in delves. my idea was to take your best team into it and keep going as long as possible so we’re talking levels that can go beyond the 500 limit you see in delves all stats stay the same they were when that battle ends and goes to the next one

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So Rowanne would be an ultimate powerhouse for the first “half”, after that Hydra would annihilate almost everything.
Include barrier to keep them alive as long as possible.
No healing would -technically- not prevent troops from being used, but it would mean a range of troops would have a spell which does exactly [nothing] in this mode.
I’m not saying this wouldn’t be fun or interesting to experience at least, but I do think that for a permanent mode that allows/promotes a broad range of teams your idea needs to be modified a bit.
Maybe if it was once a month with a rotating/varying special? Like one time all troops have 999 health, next time 999 armor, no gold/soul/maps limit (in battle only), all enemies are “ginormous” (double health on 4/5 matches), think of some twists.

I hadn’t thought of that. there could be times where you have 999 armor and 999 health but no way to increase either but there could also be 999 health 0 armor with recovery but no way to increase armor or 1 health 999 armor and no way to increase health but can restore armor. spell damage only, all troops have true shot (75% to ignore armor) no magic increase, no spells there are a lot of ways this can go and with IP2 doing a re-work in the arena we may see some of these being implemented