New Mode: Survival

What about a new pvp and/or a new arena with a survival mode?

you could use your team aginst a random one, but as you beat a troop, another one steps in, and the fight goes on.

The longer one survives, the better will be the prizes

on random scale, instead of maps, gems or keys, player may get some life recovery, or full mana boost to help their surviving attempt.

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The only problem with this is teams that buff. Someone can just perpetually have a better team until 1,000 all stats. It would potentially go endlessly. Killed troops would have to be replaced with 50% more stats each time for it to work well.


Like the idea except for just troops switching out. I think it would be fun to have a survival mode like Arena but you just keep going. No limit on how far you can go.

Tacet, you are right. and I like your solution, but that could make this mode impossible for beginners

Beginners might be able to still do it, but they would need something like Dryad for shield and heal.

Or a summoner troop.