New Mini-Game idea - Endurance/Survival

As either name suggests it is a game mode in which the player creates a team that will face an unlimited amount of teams until the player retires or their team is defeated.
When a team is defeated, another immediately takes place and the battle continues with the player’s current status and the board unaltered.

Difficulty and rewards would scale with teams defeated:

  • Epic troops start appearing on 3rd round, Legendary troops on 5th and Mythical on 7th.
  • Minimum troop rarity increases every two rounds, i.e, on the 1st round all troops are at their base rarity, on the 3rd round common troops are ascended to rare and the rest remains the same, on the 5th round troops are ascended to ultra-rare and the rest remains the same, until on the 11th round all troops are mythical.
  • Enemies begin with no traits and unlock 1 every two rounds.
  • Every 15 rounds enemies receive a 50% increase on stats.
  • Gold, Souls and Maps obtained from spells will still be capped as usual, but those obtained from 4+ matches, killed enemies, and cascades will not be limited by the cap, but they will not be counted for spells.
    *A random traitstone is awarded for every round. Every 5th round guarantees a runic or better traitstone.

These scaling numbers are certainly just ideas, but regardless, I believe it would a fun addition to the game.


An issue with this that has been raised is sandbagging on the first few rounds to build stats up higher. Something like the hero weapon that doubles a troops Armor, you could boost your team to 999 armor each. And if one of the troops is a Gard or Rowanne it becomes trivial to just plow through each round.

Would need to reduce any player troop to the start stats each round.


I love the idea of an endurance-style battle, and would love to see a mini-game made out of it. The problem as I see it is that the best strategy would be to bring a bunch of buffing troops and stall out while things are still easy, scaling up all stats to their cap before starting battle. Any such mini-game would need to take steps to disincentivise this behavior lest it become the most-optimal, least-fun path to success.

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Right, I hadn’t thought about that. Still, I’d like it even without rewards just to have some fun.

Call it the gauntlet

Availability level 100
Limit one day a week one attempt

Progression graded on kills made. Every time an enemy troop dies, a new one replaces it immediately with a cumulative 10% all stats buff. So second one spawns at +20% ect.

Arena style troop selection employed expanding into base mythic rarity minus hero
and any other potential problem troops

Per kill rewards
1 trophy
50 souls

Per 5 kills
One random trait stone
20 glory

Per 10 kills
Craft material???
2 gems

Add a weekly ranking board with adequate compensation for placement

But frankly I’d rather see bugs get fixed, mobile patched, and for the love of god…fix ranked PvP and stop this insanity where masteries penalize the guilds and players that have put the most time in.

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I like the idea.

Maybe a turn limit to finish off your opponent would prevent the mentioned strategies? Or at least most of them. Maybe they can even borrow the mechanics from TH, so it’d make their job easier.

Extra turns wouldn’t couldn’t, since they’re, well, extra turns.

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