GoW Survival Mode

By no means a new suggestion, but would be fun to hear what other players says about it. What about a mode against CPU where you start out with just one team, fight until your troops fell on the ground, but remember that without any healers on the team you wont go far. The difficulty of teams you are up against varies, but bigger chance to be up against better teams thus more teams you manage to defeat.


I will wait before i see raid boss event before taking decision cause this game mode is very similar

A previous (very old) thread on the topic:

Something would need to be done to address the issue that players would try to boost every stat to cap and to live indefinitely.


Possibly have a max limit of each total health/armor/attack/magic stats a troop can have dedicated only for the Survival Mode? That way the troops can’t get up to 999 stats in this mode, by healers.

I love this idea actually. I remember when I used to play smash on GC years ago, there was a last man standing kind of stage with this sort of concept, as well as stages with fixed numbers of enemies to get through without dying.

I’d definitely play this sort of game mode.

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