Endless / Survivor

So I have been thinking about a new mode of gameplay for GoW. I am not sure whether this has been suggested before but Sirrian has mentioned looking at it before. Here is my version.

Mode: Endless / Survivor

Gameplay: Play until you lose / overwhelm.

  1. This should be available to all level of players.

  2. Your team consists of four troops. The team is fixed for the duration of the play, cannot be changed, replaced, etc.

  3. Game is saved if you finished a match and leave the mode without being defeated. Just like arena.

  4. All effects, mana, health is kept from one match to the next until your team is defeated. This is to ensure some strategy on team construction.

  5. Event bonuses does NOT apply.


Overall, you keep fighting teams until you lose.

Stage 1: AI team start at based rarity with no traits and ramps up to full ascendency levelled, and trait mythic including all bonuses from five star kingdoms and level 100 guild statues bonuses.

Stage 2: AI team get bonuses to their stats of up to 50% and their team members are replaced. The number of team members are replaced the further you get.

Stage 3: AI gets to start first.

The higher stages will get all the benefits of all the preceding stages. So if you manage to hit stage 3 you will be battling AI team that all fully ascended, levelled and traited. There will have bonuses of 50% to all their stats and have their troops replaced if they die and the AI gets to start first.

In addition, for those that want a challenge there can be different modes to Endless / Survivor. Here are some examples:

A Peasant’s Hope: Your team must consist of only common, rare, and ultra-rare base troops.

The Aristocrat Strikes Back: Your team must consist of only epic, legendary, and mythic base troops.

Return of the Hero: Your team must include your hero.

The Daemon Menace: Your team must consist of all daemons

Attack of the Duplicates: Your team must have four of the same troops.

Revenge of the Devs AI team must have a hero.

The Mana Awakens: Your team must consist of a mana transformer e.g. Valkyrie

The Last Hero: Your team must have a Hero in the last slot.

Rouge Four: Your team must consist of all rogues.

Would need something to limit the player troops from progressing with buffed stats. Otherwise you use a buffing unit in round 1 while sandbagging to buff up high, then steam roll through waves.

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Yeah, what Rasper said, a Courage or Justice team would never end.

Yes, I believe it is a valid strategy (infinite loop). A few things to consider though:

  1. Board clears on each new match.
  2. Allowing AI to take skulls will take it’s toll.
  3. At stage 3, AI goes first as well.

On second thoughts, both of you are correct, the base stats will keep growing too large.

How about stats get reset at the beginning of a match?

That would be fun but really hard to balance. Crescendo would definitely be fun to use. Devour and Death Mark probably will be the only problems when you have stacked up on stats.

How about the enemy team has an aura that summons a new troop as soon as one dies and buffs all enemy stats times the number of dead foes.

Like you kill one of them then they slowly start to get bigger and bigger, and that gets faster as you kill more and more of them. Eventually they could gain hundreds of stats a turn.

One idea would be to set it up like Arena, give you 3 troops of each rarity. Win the battle and re-choose another 3 for level 2. Get bad set of troops in Arena and there is no point in trying. For a endless battle you will want to attempt it no matter how bad team is.