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The Leaving of GoW

Gems of War was the best game we have played ever and me and my wife have spent countless hours (and lots of money) on the game.

Until the new design.

Many games have been redesigned and have turned out better. This, however, is a prime example of how NOT to redesign a game. Gems of War used to be a safe haven for us who wanted a calm place where we could spend time (and money) after a long day’s work. The new design is a mess. A postmodern mess.

And, yes, design matters.

Now we’re leaving the game for some time. Maybe a month or two. We’ll check it out sometime in the future and if you have returned to the old design or made this new design work (which will take MUCH effort), maybe we will come back.

The secret lies not in getting new customers, the secret lies in keeping your loyal ones.



Well said.
By the way, you look like a bit like the white wolf, aka John Nash, guitarist in electric six!


You are somewhat correct. As long time players who have already invested a lot of time and money into the game, we sadly are expendable. The Dev’s know that 1. We have too much time and money invested to quit or 2. We have already spent as much money as we were gonna ever spend seeing as we have every resource/card we need now.

The fact is most of the money spent in this game comes from NEW players. I know I haven’t put any money into this game for over a year, because I have no need to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Dev team we have. I think they are some of the best I have seen with how they interact with us and handle the game issues. But facts are facts, and they will only continue to make a profit if NEW players are brought into the game.

If you want to make the decision not to play any more than that is your choice, but don’t try to act like the Dev’s are ignoring the loyal players. They have to do what is best for the true longevity of this game. Not to mention, most of all the UI issues people are complaining about will be easily fixed.


I guess you have a point. I am just really disappointed at this moment. It’s like you build the gardens of Babylon and then you turn half of it into a car park. I hope they will continue to build something better out of this design. We’ll come by in a few months to see if it has improved.

And the dev team and people here seem to be some of the nicest I have met. So I hope they will fix it and turn it into something gorgeous again, something that is coherent and beautiful (could be “cool” too if that’s what they’re after) even if it’s something totally new.

I love this game.


I will check him out for sure. Sounds like a handsome fellow :slight_smile:

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Lol, I’m friends with him and dick valentine on Facebook, they’re kinda cool.