The Kingdom Event Battle Crasher

Is this Battle Crasher shut down at night, and I am talking from early evening on? Yesterday evening starting around 2000 my local time which is Eastern Standard Time, I explored 4 hours just needing one to collect my rewards before calling it a day. He never appeared once. I noticed the same thing happened during the last time we had this event. As a matter of fact this is par for the course with all the crashers… If this is true then why,or am I just having bad luck?

I get 10 crushers from the first like 50-70 explore fights of the day, every day


Are you sure you hadn’t collected 10 for the day already? You may have needed one more to get the next level / rewards, but the event doesn’t work that way - you are limited to collecting 10 per day.

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I had a similar experience yesterday. Was sitting at 9 and it took a couple of sessions and nearly 500 trophies in PVP just to get the last one

I have already given up on the tedium of chasing crashers. Its just boring in the extreme. A balance between grind and enjoyment has long since expired as a concept. I am simply trying to preserve the concept of this game being even remotely enjoyable but sadly I am clinging to a forlorn dream. Thanks for the improved account deletion…its simply inevitable that I will employ it. You killed your game.

The drama. Just by playing normally, you’ll get 10 of them. And if you don’t, no big whoop.

The drama you’ve put on yourself is purely self inflicted.


This is par for the course - if you check any of their posts in the past few months, it’s more or less the same. They either have a big chip on their shoulder about the direction of the game, or they are just trolling - I suggest treating their posts with this in mind.


Without any drama I also don’t like chasing the battle crashers. It’s boring, and the “event” is way too long. There are a while lot of “fillers” in there that we can get with far less grinding.

Two weeks would have been more than enough.


There really is no “chasing” the BC. I never had to spend more than 5 min getting all 10 crowns. Today I even had 4 of them back to back. If you think this is a grind then maybe find a better game now.

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Please post ur 5 min video for tomorrow where you collect all 10 battlecrashers (showing you moving from 9/50 to 11/50).


For starters I do not take videos. Once I took a one minute video when I was playing another game, and it took nearly 6 hours to transfer to my pc, and you are asking me to take a 10 minute video no way pal. Hells Bells you never know when they are going to pop up.

AirForceRetiredDan, it was @gow being asked to post a video, not you.


Twice already I only managed 9. Mindlessly grinding for that last crasher is about as much fun as having your gums scraped with sandpaper. The troops will be available eventually, so it’s absolutely not worth taking excessive time to finish.

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The event is 35 days, right? You need 250 points to get all rewards if you don’t buy the pass so you only need 7.2 per day to get everything.

I’d much prefer unlimited amounts/day until you get 250 total but it is what it is.

Next week is the only annoying week as it comes on a vault weekend :frowning: (I think)

Vault weekend will make those 3 days easier for a lot of players to get 10 crowns a day though?

Since they will be spamming Explore for verses outside of GaPs.


Video or it didn’t happen. With a timer visible, and a clock.


You can spam exlplore 1 with iron hawk team for about 10-15 mins on average to get all daily BC.

Dont expect a reply.

How do I upload a video? Just got all 10 in 5 min

Sorry burst your bubble