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Possible Bug: Kingdom Pass Battlecrashers

Today, I signed on just after 2 am for the daily reset, finished up the meager dailies in less than a quarter hour, but found myself spending the next hour and a half running level 2 explores through merlantis, primarily for the troop coloration. I find it ridiculous that the battle crashers, which contributed the full last hour of an hour and a half session, are so evasive as to be an utter chore for a few deed scrap things. Please consider putting a mercy ruling or counter of some sort to identify the approach to another spawning, so the game seems less like a bug ridden mess. It really shouldn’t take one hundred battles to get the 10th spawn from the 9th, unless you want him to start dropping troops himself or something to make sense of the effort afforded to finding him.

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I would definitely appreciate a hard 10 counter that counts down if there is another event like this, just so that we know that we aren’t farming for something that will never show up if we miscounted.


I stand with you Buttsniff. I also believe they tweaked the frequency of the kingdom pass battlecrashers because it was waaaaayy easier to get 10 of those in a handful of explores earlier this week. Since wednesday I’ve had sequences of 3 and 4 explores in a row without a single battlecrasher!

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Same here :pensive:

Really shouldn’t take all of pvp to rank 1 and hours to get the 10th one, devs. What is this trash? It’s been 2.5 hours and I still haven’t got the 10th one