[Fixed] Another reset related bug: you can find 20 kingdom battlecrasher every day

Dear devs we have found another daily reset related bug. For now I will not write here how to recreate this bug. The bug let you find 20 battlecrasher for the kingdom pass every day. I think is the next puzzle piece that confirm the game now have a big problem with daily and weekly reset somehow (for reference see guild war bug with defence bonus calculated wrong or [RESOLVED] Event badge not rewarded )
The bug I have got with medal it has been resolved sending me medals but have not fixed the problem.
I need to know if devs need to know privatedly how to recreate this bug or I disclose it in this topic?

How to recreate this bug:
You have to start play explore just before the daily reset (if you have already got all 10 battlecrasher don’t change), if you don’t exit the Kingdom you have chose and continue battle after the reset you start to encounter the battlecrasher. Just play until you found all 10 battlecrasher for the day and only after that exit the explore. The game will trigger the daily reset splash screen and for some reason from that time you can encounter again 10 battlecrasher. In this way you can find 20 battlecrasher in a single day.

I raised a ticket regarding this. But so far, no action regarding the matter.

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I wait 1 day or so and after this disclose the bug to the forum?

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I can’t replicate the bug in steam though. I tried in ios alone and steam+ios. Thinking to test it out in androids later.

I think it can be achived in many ways I know a pretty consistent one

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Just post it with the warning that it might be deemed an ‘exploit’ by the devs, so if people start using it they could end up banned

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It is their programming they need to fix first. I don’t consider it cheating as you do not need any tools to make it happen. Just play around reset time.

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Deliberately taking advantage of a flaw in programming even without tools can be an exploit. To be clear, I’m not criticising anything or anyone here, just flagging that in the past the devs have come down hard on what they consider exploits. Might not happen this time, but forewarned is forearmed


I think you care more than the Devs care about this bug. I have been waiting for their response, but got you instead.

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The list of things the devs care about seems to be an ever-shrinking one!

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If you don’t go to the forum, you don’t even know there is a limit per day, so it could seem normal. So It’s the dev’s problem, not our.


If it’s the same bug that allowed me to get 1 extra battlecrasher at reset, then I can confirm that it can be done on Steam too.
I didn’t bother going for more, and haven’t been awake at reset again since then to try.

I have seen a lot of people knowing the bug and no response from the dev. I have edited the title of the forum post and the first message with how to recreate the bug

I find it interesting that Jeto responded to my guild mates post about Delve kingdom power levels, but not this one.

From how you describe it, it doesn’t sound that one gains extra battlecrashers. Avoid losses by delaying daily reset check - yes; but find more than you should? - no.

While it could be 20 per specific world day, it’s still 10 per game day, that is - reset screen to reset screen.
Suppose you start hunting on Monday 5 minutes before Tuesday reset, finish hunting sometime into Tuesday, trigger daily reset and immediately find another 10 for Tuesday. Now you shouldn’t encounter any until after Wednesday reset screen is triggered, right?
It’s not like you get daily reset, find 10, wait for next daily reset to approach, find another 10 during the same game day (before next reset screen) and then let the new game day flip over?

No becouse in my exemple (I will edit to clear this) you start with the counter capped and you get 2 reset, the bug is in the game is used by someone and you have someone here wo told you is working. Trust me

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It sort of is like that. The counter resets twice, an implicit reset when the day rolls over and an explicit reset when you trigger the new day. Lurking in explore first gets you the reset for the day rolling over, then gets you another reset once you leave explore mode and receive all your daily updates.


Oh, that’s something…then the concern is understandable.

Hey folks,

We’ve just deployed a fix for this as well as a couple of other fixes (missing Campaign Stars and Kingdom Power on Factions).

Thank you very much for reporting this.

The team investigated and found this issue with the daily reset to be unrelated to the Guild Wars defence team bonus point issue, which we are still looking into and will have an official news post about before the end of the week.


Nice to see!