[Investigating] No Defense score added to GW

Where the hell are devs ? Not a single answer for days in the different subjects of the forum. Whats going on … Gone with our money ?

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Spreading corona virus?

Where’s Waldo / Wally

That ship has documentedly sailed, even if/when they throw the eventual proper-communication-bone to the playerbase.

At least the history is still in the forums, for everyone to see…
…maybe a glitch in the forums that wipes some evidence is one of the upcoming bugs that we should be wary of, given the status quo?
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There was a response to my guild mates bug report regarding Delve Kingdom power levels, but for this problem which is significantly more serious, there continues to be absolute radio silence.

Only one week before battles are due to start and we still have no update, let alone a resolution for the random 2k bug.

Nor compensation for the last buggy guild wars.


a reminder for all of us to always be civil in expressing our emotion.


This. Hostile outburst posts with obvious personal hatred are (imo) high on the list of reasons communication is so gosh-awful. Why would a dev team want to deal with a small minority of players (us on the forums) who does nothing but throw personal insults at them?

I’m not letting the devs off the hook. I firmly believe their communication and effectiveness has been atrocious lately, and only gone down steadily over the past few years. But that’s no excuse for personal blasting or death threats (both of which have happened here frequently). Let’s keep it civil and remember it’s just a game in the end, and there are real people with real emotions and stressors and bosses and deadlines on the other side.


I have flagged that post as inappropriate and the rest of us should.

No reason to spew hate speech towards the devs.

It IS frustrating that Guild Wars is the main reason a lot of us still play… and it IS frustrating that most of us have invested a lot of money in our accounts to keep them competitive for Guild Wars… and it IS frustrating that the devs seem to not care about this, and have not updated this in weeks…

But the appropriate action is to diplomatically notify them, and if anything protest the game itself (quit playing/spending) until they realize their players care GREATLY about Guild Wars - not attack them with hate speech.


What hate speech?

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I believe this is a copy and paste response. So for those who are affected, I think this letter applies to you too and wait for the update here https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4409919473935-PC-Mobile-Guild-Wars-Scores-not-Calculating-Correctly.



Well, seeing that even the campaign bug seems to take longer than expected to fix ( was suppose to be yesterday wasn’t it?), I don’t put my hope really high for a fix before GW.
I went from mad, to furious, to disappointed to just fed up… sad to do this to your dedicated players…


Kafka just posted a lot of replies in forum, just not to this one.
campaign star will be added after reset today (hopefully so)

20 kingdom crowns a day exploitable bug is fixed

the trait dark hunger that steals life on purple match is fixed as well

idk what else


reset done, no stars … not suprising

They aren’t in the mail, they are just added to your total count. Try collecting your rewards in campaign screen. You’ll get the artifact.

OK. Well hidden because counter is still wrong. Surprising, this is corrected.

Kafka post about the GW bug hidden in a random other thread. Reposting here for people checking this thread to see.


Playing GW in B1 is really different to anywhere else. B2/3, may have some similar issues, but for last GW, a lot of time was spent sampling teams and testing them in the aim of improving guildwide scores. This was more dedicated than normal, but seemed on the surface to be rewarding with some favourable results from time spent practicing. Players often spend on things that make them have the best chance of winning, so income is derived from GW for Devs.

The effort seemed worthwhile, as it’s a game, and not the end of the world, and losing is part of the game, but then came the bug, and random people being blighted by it. As a result, players backed their games into the weekend in order to try and let Devs fix things, and yet nothing happened and the bugs randomly also blighted weekend play, for all guilds. Backing games into the weekend also causes time related issues in completing other days in a bunch.

We were hoping that the Devs would resolve this issue back then, during GW. They didn’t communicate like we would hope, and bugs remained, so sadly many others, across all guilds had their efforts damaged. In my example, I did a lot of testing and didn’t lose 1 troop the entire GW - would have been Paragon for the first time (only joined 9 months ago) but for the bug randomly blighting my yellow day and even people with losses scoring higher. I wasn’t angry tbh, got a bit grumpy a few days later, thinking about what effort and good luck that takes, but soon passed :slight_smile:

I really hope they do the right thing whatever they do, but even now we get a post, 3 weeks later, buried in another thread saying we will have an official news post by weeks end. Not a post in the thread where the bug is mentioned…

It would be good if the Devs show a bit more humility and come to the forums with a nod to some recent mistakes, post a good message that restores some confidence, and communicate properly. I’m sure that would be well received, across the board. I wonder however, when they say they haven’t found the issue, that GW will be blighted again. I hope not.


Hi, @Kafka
We really hope that the bug with the GW score will be resolved. But if not, please kindly cancel the next Guild Wars and don’t make us go through this nightmare again. I have already written to you in one of my tickets about MONGO that the Guild Wars are the Olympic Games of Krystara. It’s what players develop their accounts and make in-game purchases for. It’s what we put effort and money into your game for.
It’s unfair when a player wins all his GW battles, and ends up in the soldiers because 6,000 points weren’t awarded to them. This is outrageous.
Guild Wars is a team game, but let’s not forget that the result of the team is made up of the individual scores. There is no need to upset players. As a consequence, players will quit our guilds or even the game. This will be bad to everyone.
I really hope that when we get an official response you’ve promised I will be able to tell something to my guild mates. I hope, it will be something as concrete as possible, not "play as you would play normally, we will fix the bug someday”.


No need to bother about this particular bug, with elementalist class, this new mana-filling gems and a few imbalanced new troops the whole GW will become a true lottery circus.

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