[Fixed] Another reset related bug: you can find 20 kingdom battlecrasher every day

If you had build in the (must have) visual daily counter, you would have found this bug by yourself for sure…

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Shouldn’t you be posting this in a thread aimed at the GW bug? Not everyone reads every bug report.

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I already said in that thread I would post info before the Guild Wars started, so this is nothing new.

16days ago was your last post. 118 replies to that thread since then - customers asking for a response.

If you don’t see an issue with that…


It’s nice to see some bugs are finally fixed but really, this one made it to the top of the list? I can’t help but feel this one was escalated only because it benefited players.

I’m sure some bugs are more difficult than others to fix, and some may need a client update. But I’m also sure that there are equally ‘easy’ bugs to fix in the long list of bugs, or at least band-aid fixes that could be applied. Like the Born of X traits breaking the game.