Has Battlecrasher been been reset after daily reset

Has anymore had a problem getting Battlecrashers today after daily reset?

I have restarted the game twice. I have been testing some new teams in pvp, but I have lost track on just how many fights, but havn’t seen the Battlecrasher once.
I have also done explore runs in at least 4 different kingdoms and I have gotten 1 Battlecrasher in total today after reset.

We track encounters over at my community server. Here are the results of today’s encounters from those who have uploaded so far today. (Heffs should say day 6)

They are out there and numbers seem similar to other days


Thank you - as always you are fantastic helpful :star_struck:

I guess I have been extremely unlucky, having done at least 20 explore battles and only having met 1 battlecrasher. And 0 in at least as many pvp fights.

Scary thought: if my first 5 are the easy ones to get at this rate, I won’t even have enough time before reset to get the last 5 :rofl::rofl:

Ok something is off with this.
I restarted the game again, then changed to explore level 2 and the battlecrashers began to spawn. But my 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th battlecrasher spawned in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and miniboss battles - we are talking the same explore run in Sin of Maraj.
They aren’t supposed to spawn right after eachother and certainly not the the 6th-10th ones.

Anyways I finally got mine :innocent:

I havent found any in PvP but explore has had a few