Battlecrasher appears in more than just PVP

To celebrate the lunar new year, Rattigar will appear randomly in PVP. Yay!

But why did it show up for me in an explore battle just now?

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Same here…

Ok, so everybody who got the battlecrasher on explore, and collected the 50 souls more than two or three times is willingly exploiting a glitch and will be subject to the corresponding punishment as per T&C.


Is it really a glitch? I may be wrong, but I seem to recall the battle crasher can appear in any non-event fight.

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According to the official help centre page, Battlecrashers should also appear in Explore.

So, working as intended now? The text does not comprehensively explain where they will occur though, just not in GW battles.

In previous events the battlecrasher text said it may appear in PVP and Explore.

In this current battlecrasher event it only says PVP. I’m guessing the wording in the event text should also mention Explore.

Just another inconsistency/bug. This is GoW so wasn’t surprised to see it happen.


Error checking is so overrated.

Actually this is consistent, it’s just consistent with “when asked how to describe how the game works, this team is usually wrong. And the day’s long and they get tired and it’s so much trouble to double-check, people are going to buy gems anyway.”