No battlecrashers on Switch/Kingdom pass

Since update today I have not encountered any battlecrashers needed for the KIngdom pass. Anyone else?

EDIT: Just got ONE after several hours…

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No problems for me. Which mode(s) were you playing? (I hunt battlecrashers via Explore runs)

I am aware of one potential issue with Battlecrashers (based on the last Kingdom Pass event we had) but (1) there’s no way you would ever encounter it accidentally, and (2) I don’t want to attempt testing for it myself until I finish the rewards track.

Same for me. I’ve started over 70 explore runs today and not a single battlecrasher has shown up.

Guild thinks I’m just “unlucky”, but this simply has to be a bug.

Guess I have to accept that I can’t complete this event and miss out on the new troops, or hope for a fix…

Hi Stratelier and Scarlet! I hunt the battlecrashers in explore. I have edited my inital post as they finally appeared. As I hadn´t encountered a single one for hours I thought something was wrong. It was me who was impatient.

No issues here. You guys are hitting some dry streaks.

i dont play switch but use fastest team explore 1 takes me about 15 min on pc

I hit a dry streak today, about 3-4 Explore runs with no Battlecrashers, but the appearance rate picked up after that so not a problem.