Change to this week's Battlecrasher

Hello Adventurers,

We’ve been keeping an eye on King Heliodor’s appearance rate for the Kingdom Pass, as well as reviewing the feedback we’ve received.

We’ve adjusted his chance slightly, to increase his chance to appear early on, and so the decreased chance is not as sharp as players defeat him.

He will still cap out at 10x per day though.



Thank you! I was getting worried.

Hi Kafka, sounds nice!
But I found he appears more rarely than before reset.
I found 9 in 4 explore runs before reset. Found only 4 in explore runs after reset.
Still not too bad tho.

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@Kafka About the same experience here, it is barely any differences from yesterday.

I found it way easier to hit the max of 10 today. Yesterday I got stuck at number 9 for way too long and resigned to aim for 8/9 the rest of the event.

Today they were lining up for me. Very happy.

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May just be your lucky day. 30 minutes in now and still needs to find 3.

What happens if I don’t play for a day? do I get a cap of 20 the next day or just lose 10?

I am pretty sure you lose out on the 10 crowns.


That sucks. I guess I better play daily until I get the troops then.


Did you get a pass? Might be a superior reason to play it.

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No I don’t spend money anymore. I’m more of a casual player now just doing guild requirements and playing what I like. The money I use to spend on GoW now goes to other games. If I don’t get the troops I can wait a few months to get them in keys I just wanted to try to get 10* as quickly as possible.


@Kafka Thanks for the fix. It feels like “Fun” instead of “Work” :joy:

matches 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 … 12, 13, 21, 23, 35 found crowns.
yesterday without counting matches it took at least 3-4 times that.

Where was this mentioned in the game (not in the Forums)?

The Ui, for Journey and the kingdom crown stuff is horrible.

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Thanks @Kafka ! Was much easier today!

Thanks for the change! :blue_heart:

Dumb question. Is there some way to keep track of how many we’ve gotten that day? I found a couple around the time of the reset and I’d hate to keep grinding for something that won’t spawn.

Assuming you get 10 a day, you’ll end today on Step 5

You get two steps per day, and Step 1 was free for everyone.