Battle Crasher Count

Is there some place I can look to see how many crowns I’ve gotten so far from battle crashers?


You can figure out the complete total from the kingdom pass screen - add number of rewards completed times 5 to the number shown on the map screen to get the total. So if map screen shows 2/5 and you already have 1 reward claimed, that means you have 7 total crowns.

There’s no way to see how many crowns you’ve earned for the day though :frowning:


Thanks for quick reply. I thought it was supposed to be limited to 10 a day, I’m at 20 now.

Did you buy a pass?

Yes, I bought the 1st one, does it give extra crowns?

Sounds like maybe you bought a boost?

That unlocks two extra levels, I think, which would translate to 10 “extra” Crowns, right?

I only bought the 1st pass, not the Royal Boost, and didn’t buy the 100 gem thing to skip stages.

Won the lottery, then, by not being prevented from having over 10 crowns for some reason, congrats! :joy:

Can you show a picture of your Kingdom Pass screen, to show the unlocked steps?

(Also, did you play close to reset? They turned the 100 gem button off because people were purchasing skips by mistake — only took a single missed click and might not have even had a noticeable popup on the screen, so if you were playing before they turned it off and didn’t keep a close eye on your gem total, well…

…are you 200 short, by chance?)

I don’t think I have any other guesses about what could be going on, except maybe their spawn-at-reset broke again, but this time too early?

I started playing just after reset while listening to Tacet live stream. Someone else in the stream said they got 15 in about an hour, maybe it was broken at start. Couldn’t really say if I hit the 100 gem on accident, I don’t pay close attention to gems, and I spent a bunch on the journey event.

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Welp, I’m sorry I can’t clear up the mystery, but I’m happy you got extra stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d be curious to see if you could get any more…

Because you’re at a round-five number, I suspect the skip is to blame, but if you could get another battlecrasher to show, you’d prove you just don’t have the cap somehow :man_shrugging:

I got more than 10 and im totally f2p. I think its bugged. Take advantage while you can if u see you are getting extra id say. I only went to like 12 but ive heard of 15

Level 1 was already unlocked for everybody.

Getting 10 crowns the first day put everybody at level 3 with 0/5


That’s what I had on Monday, Not sure if I hit the 100 gem or not, I don’t think I did though, usually pay attention to it after accidentally wasting gems in Arena because of the stupid offer in it.