Kingdom Pass: Battlecrasher Throttling

Please don’t throttle battle crashers. Why make us pay and then give an unachievable goal as well?

Some of us can’t play every day or have vacations or work 60hrs/wk, etc. Just please let us grind at our own pace.

Plus I didn’t even know about the 10 cap and how even the 10th is a pain, and since I didn’t count, how many did I even get today…?

10 x 30 isn’t much room for error…


It’s 10 x 35, and you only need to average 7 a day to get all rewards.


Sounds to me like OP might be a weekend player and just logged in, or just started playing this week. And it will be 10 x 30 from now heh. Still doable but not easy if those are your terms OP.

I would say this is the sort of pass that you shouldn’t pay for if you can’t play everyday, and the UI could be better to demonstrate what is necessary to achieve the rewards.
You go onto the pass screen ingame and there is still no way of knowing how to obtain the crowns needed or that there is a limit of 10 per day.


Fair and balanced. You just have to pay 200 gems per day you are on vacation or working. Sorry if you wanted the game to be fun; profit is more important.


This would definitely benefit from a method that can “bank” any battlecrashers you missed on previous days. Just like how the 4 sigils per day you get for a weekly event don’t disappear if you don’t use them on that day.

For a game that often claims to want to be accessible to folks of all dedication levels, it appears like they’ve intentionally designed this event to only appeal to those of us who grind every day.