Kingdom battle pass is misleading

Why would you create a pass that creates additional grinding on top of the standard grind?

Just as an FYI for everyone that bought it, you now have 3 more days of battle crashers to grind so don’t buy it without leaving yourself time.

To be clear, the issues are:
It is very unclear that the items at the bottom of the rewards are part of a grind. The icons under them are so small you cannot tell there are numbers on them and there is no indication battle crashers are required to claim them.
There are so many things to already grind. We do not need yet another thing in the game to do.
The daily limit makes this even more of a ransom event.


The kingdom challenge and battle crasher are horrible game design. It is in your face frank - a really awful design. It fact its a time consuming nasty game design. Its the type of game design that shreds any respect for a once fun game.


no idea what you’re talking about. I got what i paid for, the legendary, new maxed pet, an extra weapon and i have spare time to get small extra rewards which i can choose to do or skip


Not a bug, just a boring event


The trend of micro transactions in games is to either give more rewards for an event, straight up goodies, or to reduce a grind. In all my time I have never seen paying for something increase a grind. It’s extremely annoying, especially due to the time involved to get 10 crashers a day. If the person buying it doesn’t know (it is most certainly not clear) they will be in for a rude surprise if they wait until the last few days to buy the pass. In fact, if I wouldn’t have got some crashers by accident I would have missed out on the rewards entirely. This is made even worse by the fact that the buy levels with gems is STILL not working and likely won’t before the end of the event is over.


I actually just now noticed that there are numbers on the gold circles on the rewards at the bottom, after 20 some days. This may be a bit different on pc but on mobile they are microscopic and the numbers do not contrast at all. This needs to be very much more highlighted.

If your concern about the Kingdom Pass event is that you need to put time into the game to get something, this is essentially the same mechanic that is used in the Campaign. There’s really nothing different here, other than the Campaign tasks are varied, whereas these are not.

I think what @Potemkinz and others (including myself) are confused about with respect to your feedback is what exactly you’re against? Paying for the Royal Kingdom Pass doesn’t force you to grind extra to get extra rewards - you get all the right-hand side rewards, if you participate in the event. Again, very much the same concept as the Campaign. It also opens up the option to get extra rewards beyond Lv 50, but as @Potemkinz suggested, these are optional. You’re not paying for that extra grind - you’re being allowed to grind extra for additional rewards. Are we missing something?


Not a bug, grind by design.


It’s not the same as the campaign pass. That does not require any additional grinding for rewards. Where are you getting that from?

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Either we’re not talking about the same thing, or there’s some other misunderstanding here.

When you do the Kingdom Pass, you get all the left-hand side rewards as you go from Lv 1 to 50. When you buy the Royal Kingdom Pass, you get all the right-hand side rewards that you have already unlocked from Lv 1 to 50. This is exactly the same as the Campaign.

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There is a major difference: the campaign tasks can be done at any time during the 10 weeks of the campaign. If you miss one week or start the game in the middle of the campaign, there is nothing lost, you can still catch up.
A few tasks might be tougher but they can even be rerolled now.

While you are limited to 10 battlecrashers. So if you miss too many days… your loss. And for the moment we don’t even have the option of buying the missing levels with gems.
I am leading a B1 guild so chasing battlecrashers was really not my priority last GW week. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been implemented so that we could catch up later, just like the campaign.
I would have preferred by far having a total of 500 battlecrashers that we can chase whenever we want or if we miss one day have 20 battlecrashers the following day.
The current system seems unnecessarily unfair to me.


This is feedback I can understand and agree with. However, this is not what the OP was complaining about. :innocent:

I oversimplified when I said the Kingdom Pass and Campaign were the same. My point was, you don’t need to grind extra when you pay for the Royal Kingdom Pass to get the extra rewards - that aspect is very much the same as the Campaign.


I don’t mind to grind, in the end that’s what the game’s core mechanic is to make progress. If you don’t like grinding, then uninstall the game, simple.

What bothers me though is that the game forces us more and more to a situation that you can’t chose WHEN to grind anymore. And that’s just stealing people’s time, which is the most precious thing people have and never get back.


I’m guessing the answer is some mix of “to get that ‘engagement’ metric up”/“encourage players to develop a routine of playing 30-60 minutes a day” or something along that line.

It’s shifting the bar from playing on our schedule to playing on theirs, and I believe this is intentional.

It’s now easier than ever to fall behind and (once the button is fixed) be ‘forced’ to cough up a bunch of Gems if you want the weapon in the very last reward slot.

These Battlecrashers should just be uncapped with a maximum number that can be earned per Kingdom Pass. Let people who want to grind it out in a few days do that, and let people who want to do a few a day along with their other daily routine do that too. Give payers a higher total cap.


It looks like everyone is pointing out more or less the same concern - and I share it; I personally really dislike when a game dictates when I should play. I recently found myself getting burnt out from playing this game too much, so I have been scaling back. I can rationalize that I really only have so much time in a day to play and, as much as I’d like to get more done, I can’t. That’s a lot harder to do for people who are in guilds that expect a lot of them.

I would love to see this game shift away from forcing people to play within a certain time frame. Let’s hope someone is reading this and gets the message - but as was pointed out, this is likely very intentional.


Based on …

We are not talking about the same thing. With the kingdom pass you now have rewards past level 50 which you have to grind MORE to unlock, because you PAID to unlock them. This is NOT how the campaign passes work.

See above, yes you do.

I never said that, I said paying for a pass to then do more grinding is absolutely mad.

how so? it doesnt make sense. you are not required to grind, you can just ignore those small rewards.

the argument that @Aelthwyn and @Arelana makes much more sense, but it is about the whole event design, not the royal pass.

Isn’t the royal pass function is just to unlock the rewards on the right side?

How does this NOT make sense to you? Here is a screen shot to prove it to you…


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Just to be clear: it was not an attack on you, it was a general statement.