Battlecrasher counter

Please can we have a counter included to show how many battlecrashers we have received out of our daily 10?

(Or are we supposed to keep a tally on a piece of paper?)


I still don’t have my daily 10 (not for lack of trying - this is now a full time job), and with only an hour to go, I am worried. :worried:
Keeping track of how many I get if I don’t get them all each day will be confusing in the future…

edit: one hour before reset, I just got my 10th battlecrasher.

But tbh, if I need to play as much as I did today - every single day in the future to keep trying for these things, I will probably burnout within a week or two.

This game is supposed to be a relaxing time sink, but - even I can’t keep up anymore. Which is dangerous for me. I am a very “all or nothing” kind of person. If I can’t keep up without devoting every waking minute to it, it gets more stressful than relaxing.

I don’t need more stress in my life…

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Good suggestion.

Also I think that they should have a better drop rate than they currently have. 50-80 battles to get all 10 in just a day is too much, lets not forget that the average player doesnt even do close to so many battles a day, far from - more likely as many in a whole week.



I’ve been playing a long time. (I remember Kerberos release). I am an end-game player. I am still here because of my gotta-have-them-all obsession.
So I now have to choose.
Do I spend alllll my time every day farming for these battlecrashers to advance this path and have it all?
Or do I turn off my obsession and skip it?

But if I turn off this obsession - it is game wide. It’s that obsession that is keeping me around.
I foresee burnout for a lot of people.

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Give them a chance first to see if they adjust a few things. If not, I doubt we will manage to find 10 crowns everyday, I know I won’t. World won’t go under because of that tho.

Giving them a chance… that’s why I am still here.
This game has gone from a nice relaxing way to spend a few minutes at a time - to a grind through every spare minute of every day, else I lose. I don’t like to lose.
But I am not prepared to spend that much time each and every day. Makes it more stressful than relaxing.

That’s all beside the point though, getting a little off-track. A counter would be a great start.

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I dont grind much nowadays. I found a guild that fits my needs, no Guild Wars and only minimum siglis gotten free req for events, eventho I buy a few shop tiers for speeding up the matches.

I did grind the crowns tho! Because I wanted to see how many battles were needed today. I have the free pass only on hand, but there is some nice rewards there as a new pet, troops etc.

cool! It’s great to find a guild that you are comfortable in. I know I am in a great one.

Maybe you’ve got a point there though. I don’t grind much anymore either, but with these new battlecrashers, it’s a forced grind, like it or not.

I did a whole lot of grinding today to get those 10, even watched some shows so I could click through more explores. I can’t do that every day.

I spent 10 hours grinding through explores looking for those battlecrashers.

They should just have the same drop chance as normal Battle crashers has IMO. What is your opinion on this?

The last thing they want to do is to stress/wear out the players that buys the passes. Because they have already a ton on their plates - and they are often the most dedicated players that spends half or more of their lives on this game. So I can see an adjustment coming sooner, than later. There might be more players that would buy the passes if it is not for this.

Wow great news bud!!


Thank you :grin:

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Please please please add a counter

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