How many battlecrashers did I find today?

I think, I have found 9 crowns today. I started the day at 0/5 and am at 4/5 plus one reward tier now.

How do I find out, what the game thinks, how many crowns I have found today? With the gnome weekend going on, I could imagine, that there was an overlap bug.

P.S.: Obviously it would be completely impossible and pointless to include such an information at a place, where players can see it.

If you didn’t note down exactly how many you found (i.e. where you started and where you’re at now), there’s no way to see this in game. It does seem like you noted this down, so unless you found one after the daily reset which you didn’t note, it seems you found 9 so far today.

If you want to check the exact number, you’d have to contact Support and ask them.

EDIT: It appears that this is a known issue starting today: