Kingdom Rewards out too soon?

Hi @OminousGMan and team, I chanced upon a defense in Casual PvP which had the troop - The Tower. It was supposed to unlock in the latter stages of the Kingdom Pass Rewards. Would you consider this a bug or an exploit? A feature too, maybe!


Not a bug or an exploit. You can buy levels of the Kingdom Pass for 100 gems each. So someone probably spent the $8.00 on the Royal pass to unlock the 2nd set of rewards and then spent the 5000 gems necessary to unlock all the levels on Day 1 instead of farming explore for the battlecrasher and only getting the rewards from 2 levels each day.

This is exactly how Gems of War was designed as its a freemium game. Its a long long long grind if you don’t want to spend real money, but you can eventually get everything. Or you can spend real money and speed things up and have it all almost instantly depending on how much money you decide to spend.


Oh yeah…Totally forgot the gem purchase. Thanks @Vold

Guareentee that Lance Knight was supposed to be Xenith.
that bug seems to be getting worse recently!