New Kingdom DLC

As VIP player I get some little extras, not much, but some. However VIP players do not get something that is truly theirs, like something special to say “Hey look at me, look what I got you haven’t”. So I feel is good idea to have unique VIP kingdom, that purchased as DLC or something like that. This truly reward the VIP player and also give the desperately needed money to devs for game development. I’m no doubt the only complainer is the free player of course, but no problem what they say. This good idea and I am first to hand over money for this.

As a VIP 5 I have one thing to say to this.



Is customary to provide reasoning.

I’m VIP 5 as well.

My DLC Request: Down Vote button add to the forum (usable once per month). I’ll use mine here.


VIP 5 and above have VIP chests for this.


Mixed views.

Cosmetic only effects for VIP only? Yes.

Anything that affects gameplay? No. Too much towards pay2win.

And actual content: troops, kingdoms? Definitely not.

VIP benefits are okay, could be more generous at the higher end.


I agree. I am VIP 0 and I’m quite jealous that I can’t do VIP chests. I have student loans to pay, so I don’t have much money to spare…

Com’on you get so many more gems from the store!

But agreed, the later levels are really not worth it. More of the same. If you reach the later levels, an extra gem key a day does not make such a difference (or all the similar rewards)

If this were to get implemented i would quit GoW posthaste

Out of curiosity, what is your VIP level? One? Three? Five? I’m level 15, most of the way to 16, and I still think this is a rotten idea.


I was completely against this idea until I read this.

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Startin it up again huh?

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I’d pay money for that! How does $20 annual subscription service sound? Limited to 1 dislike per day.

All joking aside (mostly), this idea goes in the “Tache pile”. It’s a unique list of ideas that goes right between the recyclables and the non-flammables.


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Hey @Tache… Why dont you go join mgla in the tiger cage buddy mkay? Mkay.

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Sigh…I should have known.

Did his comment say something else when it got flagged?

What a sad sad request… look what i got that you don’t have?


Juding by your post, you have absolutely nothing anyone else wants!

Nope it still says what it origionally said when i saw it… I did not flag it btw nor do i think it is deserving of being flagged

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