[Fixed] Battle crashers not counting after quitting/losing battles

On Monday, I got all my battle crashers while trying to do the Adana trials, and ended up with only 2 crowns, as I lost the battles they spawned in, or quit them of my own accord. I did about 75 PvP battles afterwards, reloaded the game multiple times and also loaded it on mobile, so it’s out of the question that this was a glitch that corrects itself in my specific case. There seems to be some issue with Adana specifically, as other people have reported getting the battle crasher troop in explore battles and it not counting. I used the in-game method to report this, so I’m not going to repeat everything here - the details are allegedly read, after all. Two days later I got an automated response à la “BTW we read ur report, tnx. If u want a response, u have to go to the forum, lol.”

When you are selling Kingdom passes, and bugs occur that can potentially prevent people from completing it, this is the type of bug that requires action, and it is not conducive to a positive player experience to have us waste time reporting something only to be told, actually, we should have reported it elsewhere. No, I have not bought the Royal Pass, I was going to - but not if I’m not going to be able to complete it - and this is precisely why it’s a bad idea to buy stuff before making sure things are working as intended.


I had this happen again; this time I lost a E12 battle on autoplay with a battlecrasher in it (in Sin of Maraj). I don’t know if the AI killed the crasher before the battle was lost, but I assume it’s likely, anyway - I got no crowns for that battle. Before the battle, it was 1/10 encounters and 2 crowns for the day, after that lost battle - 2/10 encounters, 2 crowns for the day. After another BC spawned in another battle, I killed it and won the battle, the encounters counter stayed at 2/10, but I had 4 crowns for the day, so the BC counter reset to the correct number. Like it did on Monday, after I had my counter messed up due to losing epic trial battles with BCs in them.

There’s definitely something wrong with how the game processes BC encounters, if the player loses a battle on the way - treating it as a kill. And if we are unlucky to reach to 10/10 encounters but have losses on the way, BCs stops spawning? Whenever it happened to me, I was below 10/10, so I could get (and kill) another BC in a battle and it somehow the counter gets reset after that.

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That’s probably exactly the problem. Good thinking.

Two guild mates of mine lost crashers but got more so they ended up with 10 wins/20 crowns per day.

Not sure if there’s a bug for some people/in some circumstances.

My advice is to just play something you’re sure you can win (I do explore 1 because it’s also the fastest) until you have all daily crowns if you want to be on the safe side.

The battle crashers not turning up at all anymore seems to be related to either Adana, or more probably - as Dwuemka suggested - getting to 10 while on a losing/retreating spree, as was the case for me by doing Epic trials before anything else on that day. It could also happen to people doing Explores or PvP while trying out new troop compositions. I’ve had crashers in battles I lost since then, but the counter reset like it’s supposed to.

Personally I think there may be multiple bugs going on here - and combining in a problematic way.

Fortunately, I have cleared Lv.50 on the reward track so I can run experiments like the following “for free”, but here are my hypotheses:

  • Whether or not a Kingdom Battlecrasher (“KBC”) spawns seems to be dictated/seeded clientside before the battle starts. Which isn’t a problem by itself, the game likely does something similar with Gnome encounters, but…
  • When a KBC appears, it counts towards the 10 daily encounters REGARDLESS of whether or not it was killed – indeed, regardlesss of the battle’s outcome as a whole.
  • Whether the player has hit their Battlecrasher limit is determined by the # ENCOUNTERED not the # KILLED. Which could actually be by design (the Kingdom Pass screen definitely says “encounters found”, not “battlecrashers killed”) BUT we also have evidence that upon killing a KBC this value syncs to the actual # killed.

Now for my experiment:

  • I think my KBC counter started at “1 / 10” today.
  • I started a Lv.2 Explore in (any Kingdom).
  • In any of the first four Explore battles, if a KBC appeared I quit the battle, then when asked if i wanted to quit the Explore run I said “no” (which preserves the enemy team for another fight, and apparently, whether a KBC spawns).
  • When I attempt the same battle again, the KBC appears, guaranteed (though it may kill a different troop upon arrival). Again, I quit the battle but not the Explore run as a whole.
  • Intriguingly, it seems I can perform the above step using ANY Kingdom (not just the one I was initially exploring) and the KBC is guaranteed to appear, as long as I quit out of the battle. This is why I suspect the encounter is seeded clientside.
  • At any rate, checking my Kingdom Pass screen it now says “3 / 10”, clearly it has been counting the # that appear even though they are not being killed.
  • I repeat the above steps – Explore battle, KBC appears, quit battle, don’t quit run, repeat – and once I’ve hit 10 “encounters found today”, the KBC stops appearing at all, even though I’ve only actually killed one today.

I have some video footage available, though it is difficult (not impossible) to demonstrate this in just 30-second clips at a time.


Thank you!

Thank you for the effort and testing. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, because this is quite a trap for unsuspecting players :frowning: Especially as we have very little room for errors and missed KBCs, if a player doesn’t want to spend gems on extra levels (or extra cash, on top of the kingdom pass).


Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report.

After investigation, the issue has been reproduced and I’ve since reported this to the development team!

As to clarify briefly about Kingdom Battlecrashers,

  • If you lose, or retreat from a battle with a battlecrasher present in said battle - you will not receive the crown rewards.
  • And retreating or losing a battlecrasher battle should not effect your chances of encountering another

I’ll be able to run some more tests tomorrow. My plan for that is:

  • Start at 0 / 10 KBC
  • Locate a KBC, quit battle
  • Repeat 2-3 times
  • Note KBC tally on Kingdom Pass screen
  • Kill the next KBC
  • Compare KBC tally on Kingdom Pass screen

Because the chance of encountering one seems to be generated on the clientside, and the current tally is cached on the clientside (after being queried from server), this implies this is a clientside bug that may require a 6.9.x hotfix (or 6.10 / 7.0). because I don’t know how their versioning scheme works


I was playing at reset and my in-game battlecrasher count didn’t reset to 0/10. I played for 15 minutes and didn’t find a single battlecrasher. Restarting the game caused the counter to reset and I was able to encounter them after that.

I’m pretty sure it didn’t work this way before the changes - hopefully it can be fixed.


Yes. Game restart helped here

Yes, this is it. I was exploring Maugrim Woods for awhile, up to 7 of 10 battlecrashers then decided to switch to Forest of Thorns. I must have played ~30 battles there with not a single one. I thought, something isn’t right. They should have come in about 10 battles, or at least one. I switched back to Maugrim Woods and first battle, there he was.

If the battlecrasher gets cached somewhere, he doesn’t spawn elsewhere.

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Not according to my testing (at least with Explore runs). I quit out of an Explore miniboss (with KBC), then started Explore runs in literally any other Kingdom, quit out of them, quit the Explore run and picked a different Kingdom each time – still got a KBC in literally every battle quit.

This was part of the slightly larger experiment I mentioned in last post - here’s my results:

  • Start at 0 / 10 Kingdom Battlecrashers (“KBC”)
  • Pick any Explore battle
    (in this case, a Lv.3 Adana run already in progress)
  • Battle until a KBC appears and quit that battle
    (KBC occurred during the Mini-Boss battle; this ended the run)
  • Start a new Explore run
    (picked Adana, Lv.2, KBC appeared)
  • Quit the battle, quit the run, repeat
    (picked other kingdoms like Broken Spire and Divinion Fields)
  • Repeat 2-3 times and observe Kingdom Pass screen
    (KBC appeared in literally every battle quit, Kingdom Pass screen now says 4 / 10)
  • Defeat the KBC and observe Kingdom Pass screen
    (KBC showed up in literally next battle; Kingdom Pass screen now says 1 / 10)

Seems that there’s different types of caching. I think I likely went into the battle preview screen without starting the battle. If I’m correct, repro’ing the way I did is harder, because you’re gambling (30%) that the battle you never started had the battle crasher.

Hi all, we’ve released a fix for this and global compensation will be sent after daily reset today (7am GMT Thursday 25th May).


thx for fix

& especially thx for 50gems, finally I can buy me a n1ce new house
:surfing_man: :clown_face:

That’s great news! Thanks! Now I can autopilot epic trials on a Monday morning without getting annoyed about losing since I’ll lose if awake too :wink: