[Not a bug] Kingdom Pass - Missing 10th Crown

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I was expecting to get my 10 crowns for today in the Kingdom Pass but I am stuck at 9. I should be at Level 14 in the Kingdom Pass but I am stuck at Level 13.

How often does this happen? When did it begin?
Today is the first time it has happened.

Steps to make it happen again
I don’t know how to make it happen again. I know I got 10 battlecrashers when doing Explore but when I went to collect my 14th level, I was missing a crown. I have been trying for 2 hours in Explore and PVP to get another batttlecrasher with no luck. I even cleared the reserve space in the game and rebooted the Xbox before restarting the game to see if that would redo my crowns but it is still sitting at 4/5 for my last level of today. I should be at Level 14 today because I bought a level for 100 on the first day of the Kingdom Pass.

Welcome to the forums. :innocent:

For account-related issues, you’ll want to contact support.

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You’re sure you didn’t just get 9 on a previous day?

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Thanks for the link. I did submit a ticket about an hour ago. Funny thing, I got a battlecrasher right after I submitted my ticket. That was after hours of playing!

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You’re welcome, and good that it sorted itself out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Finding battlecrashers is all RNG-based, so sometimes you get lucky and find them quickly, other times it takes quite a long time. They haven’t been specific about it, but they did say the chance drops after the first five each day, so presumably the 10th one is the hardest to find.

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Except that yesterday (before the recent daily reset) I did approx 20 explore battles and 20 pvp battles and I met 1 battlecrasher in total in Explore in 40 fights. I had restarted the game after daily reset.

Eventually I started on explore level 2 fights and they began to spawn. My 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th battlecrasher spawned right after eachother in the same explore run.

But yeah on normal days, especially the 10th battlecrasher can be a pain to hunt for.

Same problem here PS5.9 Battlecrasher drop in 10-15 Minutes.The last one wont come for many hours for me.Its daily and it sucks day by day. The last BC seems to be pur coincidence to get.Pleace fix that cause 25 days with that little Bug are not funny.Its burning Time.

The problem is that on one day, you only collected 9. That puts you at 4/5. From then on, if you collect 10 of them every day, you’ll always end at 4/5. Same thing happened to me :wink:

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At first I thought this might be OP’s issue, but given they knew they can get 10 per day, seemed more likely it was either an RNG issue or a problem with their account.

This was hours before daily reset, which means it wasn’t the same case as yours. :innocent: Turns out it was just a matter of RNG.

So while its perfectly ok to assume its RNG in not getting that 10th crown most of the time, the last time we had a Kingdom Pass, we had at least one day near the end of the Kingdom Pass where people were not able to get the 10th battlecrasher to spawn and the Gems of War team fixed it 1 hr before reset. No crown compensation/no extra time.

Just something worth noting when multiple people start calling it out on the same day.


Last time I was getting 20 crowns per day due to a bug. This time no bug so just 10 crowns per day. In my experience, it is way easier to pop the battlecrasher Xenith than King Heliodor. Less than 30 mins grind in explore 1 with 2 or 3 Ironhawks team. Anyway, if players are getting 7/day that is enough to finish it.

Experiencing it as well. I normally do all the daily stuff, then grind out explore for the battlecrashers. Had 9 of them in the first hour of playing E12 (as I am still trying to get that stupid mythic mimic) and 3 hours after that I still have yet to find #10.

Now i’ll be 1 off from now on as i’m tired of grinding for it and i’m going to bed.

They’re supposed to become rarer throughout the day (3rd is harder to find than 2nd, which is harder to find than 1st, for example). The algorithm governing this appears to be an RNG-influences exponentially decreasing function (such as e-x). Exponentially Decreasing Function -- from Wolfram MathWorld

Last time it took me well over 100 battles to get the tenth battle crasher most days. It’s an obnoxious event and I’m amazed they haven’t tweaked it since the last event. My aim is not to even bother with the tenth BC, it’s not worth stressing over :joy: