Still missing 1 crown from battlecrusher

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I’m expecting this will be fixed asap!

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
from Tuesday (14.12.2021)


Same here, yes we paid for your pass you got our money and we don’t get a response or a fix.


Been bugged and stuck on 4/5 every day since vault event. I’m on 10k+ trophies so it’s not due to lack of grinding.

Cursed gnome boost rate is also a joke as they are virtually none existent. If I can barely get any, there’s not much hope for the wider player base. I’ve got 208 rune total since launch.

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Same here…stuck on 4/5 Battlecrashers (again) on Final Day. I get to 54/55, then it goes back to 50/55. What gives? What now?

Only reward you missed out on are 2 Orpheus tokens then.

Sucks that there was no reimbursement for the missing crown and others will have lost out on better rewards though :frowning_face:

Can still submit a support ticket for missing rewards :smiley:

The five rewards from the Royal Pass repeat. You can get them multiple times.

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Same here. Still no response to my ticket either…

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Well, the kingdom event is gone. I missed my orb of chaos, no response from the devs, no response to my ticket, guess they don’t care. I will be submitting a ticket for the refund of my $10.


They don’t do refunds. Submit a ticket for the orb of chaos you missed out on instead, give them some time to respond. If you only get the same radio silence as on the forum you need to take this up with the platform you purchased the kingdom pass on, possibly charging back the payment.

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It is useless create a ticket, they give me a huge middle finger, when I asked clarification they stop to answer me. My ticket was open Wednesday.

Still no response

And still no fix, refund, add etc etc etc

Well for most people, missing one Battlecrasher was a pretty trivial difference. But anyone who missed out on Tides Lash and King Heliodor by one crasher should really get those sent to them

There’s also the repeatable bonus track rewards for those who spent cash, like the minor orb of power. While it might not be a huge thing for most, it’s still something that got paid and grinded for. Having it yanked away due to a configuration error (and a repeated one to boot) feels wrong, especially with the radio silence attached. This is basically a variant of #Weavergate reloaded, they have your money, they can’t be bothered to deliver all you purchased.


Yep. And I got double screwed because I did not realize that the rewards were repeatable (LITERALLY DID NOT SAY THIS ANYWHERE IN GAME OR THE NEWS POST). I got to 50, bought the pass, thought I was done, and stopped for the day. When I logged in the next day I didn’t have any of the rewards to collect and now I’m 1 short for the orb of chaos because I didn’t finish the remaining 5 crashers for the day I hit 50. If I would have missed out on an Orpheus medal I would have been upset but I am livid about the orb of chaos. This is all around a huge kick in the teeth from 505, specially since real money was involved in 100% of the cases where the battle pass was bought.

Oh, and I see @Kafka has posted in other threads, but conveniently ignored this one and the “resolved” one.

That “last activity” was me asking for a refund because they have not replied to ANYTHING relating to this issue.

We put in an hour or more a day to grind, plus money, and this is how they “respond” to our issues?