[Not a bug] Missing Tenth Battlecrasher

Platform, device version and operating system:
XBOX Series S

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Using explore to collect 10 battle crashers for the Kingdom Pass Event. I have been stuck on 9/10 for today despite doing loads of battles 60-70 so far

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This has only happened today so far (25/01)

Steps to make it happen again
No tenth battle crasher arrives

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Just for information, my 10th can just fine today on xbox.

I have had 2 times since they started this HORRIBLE idea of making the final 10th crasher drop rate low where I thought it was glitched but it finally came through. The worst one was over an hour of play before it finally dropped.


Same thing for me on PS4. I’ve been stuck on that for about 2 weeks now. I’m almost done with mine, though it wouldn’t matter to me. This is annoying. At first, I thought I was missing it, but I started counting and the 10th just wouldn’t show up. :man_shrugging:

wait, you are saying you are only getting 9 a day for 2 weeks or that you are missing 1 from 2 weeks ago, so you are always 1 away?

I’ve had some significant gaps on a couple of days between 9th and 10th, though not today. It can really take some patience.
However, actual bugs in relation to the 10th battlecrasher have only been reported on vault weekends so far, so keep hunting enemies, if you feel it’s worth it.

It’s weird. I’m always getting 9/10 instead of 10/10 total as before. One day I’ll get 9 and the next day 1 will complete the 10 from the last day, but it shouldn’t be that way. Each day should be 10/10. Am I right?

I’ve had to do as many as 73 battles after the 9th to get the 10th to drop before. It’s a bad system. If you miss one, there’s no catching up except spending gems.

The Battlecrasher system is horrible, everyone agrees about that. You shall be able to farm as many as you want per day. It really looks like the devs expect people getting bored chasing them and spending gems to catch up… Another way to try and get back all the gems some may have stockpiled during the first gnome a palooza exploit…


Iv had ten every day.

Xbox one.

No problema. No bugs.

I had 10 too. But yesterday it took me over 1 hour to get them with more than 35 minutes of constant explore runs between 9 and 10, while today I was done with 10 in about 20 minutes in total. :thinking:

It seems like this week the tenth battlecrasher has taken quite a long time to find. I believe yesterday, I ran about 6 full level 12 explores (most if not all including the mythic fight, so 6 battles each) after getting number 9. On Monday, I did a few explores before realizing maybe I should start the week’s pvp instead and got up to about tier 5 between battlecrashers 9 and 10.

Yeah, they should all have the same rate of occurrence. And a fair one. I keep falling asleep looking for them. Also, why not show you how many you have out of 10 on the main screen, and how many you have out of 5 on the kingdom pass screen. If you ever miss one or more, and you lose count, you can’t tell if you’re at that stupid gap between 9 and 10, or got them all and wasting your time. Fix the gap, or let me know how many I have left for the day. I’m ok with either.

I’ve been on 9 doing constant explore 12’s for over an hour. This is the first day I’ve had any issues.

EDIT: Literally just got the 10th in the next explore but it took 1H 15Minutes of back to back L12 explores to get the last crown.

Nintendo 10\10 battlecrashers everyday!

Done with all my battle crashers and with the kingdom pass today glad too. :partying_face::sunglasses:


Me too! :sweat_smile: yeah…

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