The Kingdom Event Battle Crasher

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Here you all go. Hope you enjoy. I picked the wrong team at the beginning and wasted 5 secs.


I got 5 in 9 explore battles yesterday… Can I get a speedy sticker too please?

Also @gow would you like to adopt me, absolutely nothing to do with 65 million gold you have saved up :joy:


Yeah for sure @Hawx . Just join TGK. :blush:

I have a my 10 battle crasher so far. First five are easy to find, the other is 1 per 1 or 2 explore run I did at level 12.
But Yesterday, I won 9 battle crashers and lost 1 battle with the battle crashers.
Then I played 6 explore run + multiple pvp game never to see it.

Is it 10 battle crasher total per day, or 10 collected? That is the question I am trying to find.

Haven’t tested myself, but this seems pretty clear.


Are you using auto-play in Explore 12? It really takes a long time that way, but they still do appear.

Where’s the timer? :wink:

My game doesn’t even load as fast as yours. It looks sped up compared to mine. And yes, I’m playing on 4x speed and am skipping what I can.

I’m happy for you that you get all the crashers in such a short amount of time, but please note that your experience isn’t what everyone is experiencing. That’s rather unusual hence the disbelief.

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Sorry I have no clue what you are referring to auto play? I have no auto play on Xbox that I know of. I just asked the question because it seemed strange that Exploring nearly 4 hours that I did not get the BC once. I was told that there is a limit each day for the rewards. I was completely unaware of this, and really thought that the BC’s were shut down at night, which for me has been my experience. From some of the replies I got it seems like I pissed off some people because I am complaining, and also I need to find another game to play. I was not complaining just thought it was strange. If I had known my question was going to cause these kind of replies I would have never posted my question.

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Basically they added a new feature in one of the last updates (cant remember which one exactly) that added autoplay in explore and kingdom challenges, it knocks your speed down to 1.5 and has a computer doing your moves

He’s running his gnome-a-palooza team using a controller instead of mouse. It is MUCH faster that way. It’s also why you dont see a cursor moving to Sister/Dust devil.

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I play on mobile, you wouldn’t see a cursor for me either. But my game is way slower. Maybe it would be faster in PC or something but that’s not what I use.

I’ll take a video today, not of my whole chase but just of a battle or two - might be something for the devs to see as they said they’re working on improvements.

It looks like mobile actually, you can see the advert button and the google play button (not sure if ios has the same button) show up on the world map at the end.