The Hangout Thread

I can’t believe nobody’s done this yet. So, let’s hang out, shall we? :sunglasses:

This is a thread for non-GoW related chitchat. I think we as a community are already pretty good at being friendly, and this is meant to continue that and expand upon it! So let’s get to know each other a bit. Chat about whatever you like: a new game you played, movie you watched, shenanigans you or your kids got into, announcements of graduations or weddings, etc. Whatever you are comfortable talking about!

A couple of rules, please:

  1. No GoW-related stuff. You have an entire forum for that already! What more do you want??
  2. NO HATING. This is already in general forum rules, but I’ll say it again. Please be civil! Discussions and disagreements are fine, heated arguments are not.
  3. On that note, NO politics. It’s polarizing enough already, and as we are a global community, it probably won’t be relevant to a whole lot of others anyway.

I may add more as time goes on, but generally it all should be pretty self-explanatory.

SO! Let’s get to it then. First up: what other games are you playing? :smiley:

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As for me, to answer my own question, I’m not actually that much of a video gamer, though I certainly enjoy it. I don’t have a computer, only an old iPad, so my Steam account sits forlorn for now. I can play on my boyfriend’s PS3 or Wii U, but not often enough to really get anywhere.

What I /really/ enjoy is board games! I’ve only been serious about it for s few years, but our collection grows nicely and we get people together regularly to play. Current favorite is Mice and Mystics.

I’m an avid Civilization and Diablo player. I’m having super annoying screen issues lately so I gave up on any RTS games, which saddens me - I used to play a ton of DotA 2, some HotS, and playing Saint Row was just as annoying so I gave up as well even though I really really love it. To be fair, even if I persist playing Diablo, which is completely idiotic of me given the circumstances and the fact that I only play in hardcore, I’ve decreased the difficulty because I’m probably going to stupidly lose a toon that way if I carry on. I’m just addicted. Oh, and I play Solforge too, although I’m a dilettante. And I replay Vampire Bloodlines and King’s Bounty every two or three years, because reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:

On my phone, I play a completely stupid game from my childhood called “the Baccalauréat” which for some reason has been renamed “94 seconds”. I also play Linken, Blip Blup and Pressed for Words, and a small puzzle game with the sper generic title “casse-tête” (brain teaser). To be fair though, I don’t play a lot on my phone, mostly when I’m waiting for something and have nothing else to do or think about.

With @LegendMaker, we sometimes play Zombi U as well. It’s quite fun.

I’m not that knowledgeable in board games though, but I like Cranium.

I am still working my way through the Final Fantasy X remaster. That has been my favorite game for a long time, primarily because Auron is my favorite game character ever. Still saving for my PS4 to play FFXV, FFVII Remake & Persona 5 as available.

Have tickets for Star Wars VII on the 26th & the Doctor Who & Sherlock cinema events on the 29th & 5th respectively and am really looking forward to all of those.

So many good titles on this post already, for me right now am only hooked to Gems of War and Summoner’s War, I play both on my phone. Back in the day I got into pretty much every game of blizzard but Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft was by far my fav and I used to be the Guild Master for the former top 2 latinamerican guild. And well now that I didnt got a beta key for Overwatch I pretty much drop everything from Blizzzard, Altought Im super hype about the incoming movie. Im a huge fan of League of Legends but only to watch it play by pros, I dont really play much but managed somehow to get into Platinum which is not a good tier but its not bad either. Back when I was young I was a huge fan of the Playstation games, used to play alot of NFS: Underground 2 and GOW 1-2 for the Ps2 and even now I still play some Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories and Harverst Moon on my old Ps1, well, every now and then… Going back to the original question, the only games I played besides those I already mention are This War of Mine and Elsword.

I do have an old ps2 so I occasionally replay old favorites like Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, and FFXII. Gotta play FFX one of these days…

I’m excited for Sherlock and the Doctor Who Christmas special too!

Board games are one of those things that a lot of people aren’t aware that there’s waaaaay more out there than just Monopoly, Cranium, and Pictionary. There’s sooooo many good games to play! Pop culture is starting to pick up on it a little, you can find classic ones like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride at places like Walmart or Target. I recommend checking out Wil Wheaton’s YouTube channel (and yes, it’s that Wil Wheaton) called TableTop. He gets all sorts of nerd celebrities, important bloggers or artists, etc to play various games with him. It’s funny, and you get an intro to loads of good stuff.

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Board games - played Descent?

I have actually been dying to try that one. Nobody I know has it, so we have to try playing it at our local store - they have a free to play library. I’m pretty sure they have it, but I just gotta find the time.

I’m hoping to get Arkham Horror expansions for Christmas. That’s probably my favorite of everything I’ve played.

Descent is excellent. Imperial Assault is even better - same game really but with Star Wars!

Our big favourite, both at hobby games club and with my kids is Sentinels Of The Multiverse - awesome coop heroes card game - has a decent iOS / Steam port as well…

Video games I’m on D3, SC2 and GoW at the moment. Tempted to dust off one of the FF titles (7,8,9,10,12 or 14) again as well… Oh and work full time in CF and be a dad too!

I’m currently playing Hearthstone besides GoW on my phone, and played YUGIOH up until recently, but got tired of having to remember 7000 different card effects with them constantly introducing new stuff (yes I like card games, rare are those that I haven’t tried). On my PC which is too old to run any new stuff I play LoL occasionally, I’m pretty good at it, but low FPS is killing me.
Don’t have time for more sadly, so my phone is go to for playing games when I’m having a break or before bad (like I’m doing right now).

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Sentinels is fun - a friend of mine has almost all the cards, except for a few of the rare promos. We play occasionally, and I like it. Tempest and the Naturalist are probably my favorites.

@DonBoba: played Ascension then?

Must say that I haven’t even hard of it, that’s why I said that there are some rare that I haven’t tried, since there are many. After checking it out on internet looks fun, will give it a go in future for sure :smile:
The ones I find the most fun with is:
Yugioh is for sure number 1, but the older play stile, they are making it too much for the money now publishing 1 overpowered card after another, just to keep the players throwing money, 7000 cards is way, way too much.
Heaerthstone as I mentioned, Tyrant Unleashed, some kind of card game with alise in wonderland franchise (was decent but forgot the name). Other card games I haven’t played in more then 3 years so I forgot names, I could recognize them by the picture, but I’m really bad with name remembering :confused:
I have less time now to try other new games, so in last 2-3 years I missed quite a few of card game titles.

Ascension is a great deck building game that has a wonderful port to mobile. Frankly it’s easier to play, since you don’t have to shuffle and you can mix n match expansions without having to sort them out again afterwards. I have all the physical box games as well as all the mobile add ons. It’s definitely worth checking out! It was the game I played every day on my tablet, that is, before I found GoW… Now I play this every day :sweat_smile: but I still play Ascension a lot too.

I play Mordheim.
Loads of Mordheim.

I change what I play between The Witcher 3, Vermintide, Heroes of the Storm (AI only), League of Legends (ARAMs and Legend of the Poro King currently), Hearthstone, Diablo (currently waiting on the next big patch), Sword Coast Legends, and recently started Final Fantasy XIV.

When I’m not playing video games, I like to play tabletop games such as D&D (I have a dice addiction), Mice & Mystics, and Super Dungeon Explore or Magic the Gathering. Otherwise I’m painting miniatures (for sde at the moment).

Oh god yes, I’m addicted to role-playing too. I’ve got this huge universe from the World of Darkness that I’m having a blast in. @LegendMaker makes for a pretty fun neonate to burden. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I did play others, WoD remains my favourite one all around, and I spent way too much time building a cool set-up to give up on it! :slight_smile:

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I want to paint my Mice and Mystics minis SO BAD but I have no money for that stuff right now :sob:

I play Pathfinder and other roleplaying games twice a week. I really enjoy Shadowrun, and we started a new game for Mage: 20th anniversary couple of months ago. I have never played any White Wolf stuff though the rest of my group has and they are pumped!

I haven’t yet gotten my hand on the new Mage edition but I will dammit! Also, Changeling is Coming. Hype! :smile:

I must track down a picture of my minis painted up. I admit I had help, as Sirrian painted the monsters while I painted the heroes.

I’d love to play more, but it’s hard to find a time when everyone can play (especially when we have patch updates we’re working on).

Yeah, we’re totally cheating in that I have special “one-player” storylines that we can just play together without needing the whole group. No way I’ll stop playing just because not everyone can make it. :slight_smile: