What should i play?! XD


Damn it! I need help…
I can’t decide what to play:

  • Gems Of War (my all time fav)
  • Fallout 4
  • Anno 2205

What should i play? What would you play? What do you play? XD



I’ve been back to playing Civ like crazy lately. I am the leader of the Songhai people and it’s my duty to bring them once more to glory. Or you know, just lose endless time playing dictator.



I split my gaming time between GoW and Mordheim. Anno 2205 is on my radar though.


SC2 Legacy Of The Void is now live… and very cool indeed…


GoW and Diablo 3


Play GoW on a phone or tablet while playing anything else on the computer, everybody wins! :confetti_ball:


I actually ran into this the other day. GoW, SC2, D3 and LoL … of course at this point, I tend not to spend hours at a time on GoW and just do it whenever there’s a downtime.


As well as the usual steady doses of Diablo 3, League of Legends & Heroes of the Storm, we’ve been playing a lot of Vermintide in the office lately. Lots of fun!


GoW and League for me


Dark souls is my top game of all time. Beat it without looking up anything and completely offline prepatch. So hard!


I cycle between GoW, Warframe and Gemcraft 2: Chasing Shadows.