I Need Some Game Suggestions

Looking to play some other things, and really i’m not much of a pc gamer. I don’t plan to spend any less time playing GoW, but i’d like to see what else is out there. So some types of games that I like to play are…Diablo, Civilization, card games, rpgs, rts, stuff like that. I’m open to other stuff as well.

What games are you currently playing and enjoying? I’ll take a look and hopefully increase my pc gaming library. :slight_smile:

Oh just to be clear, i’m looking for Steam games to play.

If you haven’t played it, I highly recommend Divinity: Original Sin. It’s a really fun old-school turn-based RPG with an engaging story that takes itself just about the right amount of seriously, and the attention to detail is top-notch. Oh, and a sequel is due this year!


It’s an oldie but a goodie.
You can’t go wrong with X-com. Alien killing RTS with Civ like development. Great story, well designed game. And should be very reasonable by now on steam.

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A very cool game suggested to me by @MakoSipper is Solitairica. It comes for both mobile and Steam. It wont last you long 5-10 hours, but youll enjoy every moment of it :smiley:

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Oh these all sound like very good suggestions!!

The best RPG I’ve played in years is the Witcher 3. If you like that style of RPG then you’re in for a treat. Heck even if you didn’t like that type of game I’d still recommend it lol


I’ve almost bought Witcher 3 more times than I can count. I definitely plan to at some point.

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It’s brilliant. I wish my PC was beefy enough to play it but I still enjoyed it on my Xbox. I need to buy the expansions and play those too but I already have too many unfinished games at the moment.

You would not regret that purchase. (Though your GoW time would most definitely suffer for it.)


Perhaps Minion Masters has elements of GoW that you would like with enough gameplay differences to feel completely different. Its in EA at $22 right now, but you can get free keys because it is going to follow (AFAIK) a very similar F2P model as GoW.

Runestone Keeper is Minesweeper on crack.

Chronicles of Emerland. Solitaire is a really fun Pyramid Solitaire even though aspects of it are really corny (skippable hidden obj game).

I second Lyya’s suggestion of Divinity OS and put it personally in my top 20 RPGs. I will say, however, that they made a horrible mistake when they level-gated the first 100 hours of game. Lots and lots of trying to figure out WTF you are supposed to go with little guidance. You will die a hundred times until you figure out where you are “allowed” to go.

If you’re looking for a “welfare diablo” I say Hero Siege.

If you want retro, insane arcade RTS get the original DOS Z by Bitmap Brothers (modern remake is feces)

Just a few randoms that came to mind.

Same here… but my finances are kind shot at the moment D: But also on my list to play at some point!

Have you tried Civ VI yet?

I don’t have a strong enough rig to run Civ 6 unfortunately. I play Civ 5 lots though.

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Have you tried it? I’ve watched it streamed and I like what I see…

Trying to put a decent rig together now so that I may enjoy all the great games I’m missing out on. Lol

For an old-school RPG I’d suggest the first Dungeon Siege: http://store.steampowered.com/app/39190/

…the sequels are pants though, avoid…

For a diversion from GoW or WoW or Diablo, I’ve always loved a bit of tower defence, and this one - Hero Defence - is quite fun and different: http://store.steampowered.com/app/423620/


I’ll check those out for sure. I love tower defense.

Yeah I’ve grabbed it, and enjoy it. It’s more of the same in most cases. It’s still Civ at the core, with some fun ideas to play with. Though I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of things they add in the future. It feels more bare-bones than Civ V with all it’s expansions.

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I grabbed Master of Magic from gog when my family were away and spent a good few hours reliving my childhood.

Phenomenal game back in the day and still very playable now.

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Try get this one, wolf…Great game! :smiley:


Oh that looks amazing. Thanks Eika. I hope my pc can run that.

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My pleasure to help you out. :wink: