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What games do you play aside from GoW?

I figured instead of talking to y’all about how pay to whatever GoW is we could talk about other fun games.

Currently I’m playing For Honor, Rocket League, Dead or Alive. I recently finished Spider-Man, and am looking forward to the new CoD (sort of), and the new Soul Calibur, and of course traveling the world for DoA and doing tournaments.

Don’t play to many others at the moment but after being unable to play GoW due to server issues all day Saturday it’s time to look elsewhere.

I made this thread a while back.

I’m still waiting for red dead 2 and these days I’m lucky enough to even have time for gems.

I’m trying to not get killed in Prey
Looking forward for the release of Cyberpunk 2077…

Other games??!!

What are these “other games” you speak of?


I like you, you can stay.

Hard to make times to play other things, I agree.

I tried Jurassic World Evolution for a bit. Looking forward to release of Valkyria Chronicles 4 on Xbox on September 25. Really like the turn-based stuff…

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I’m very new to the console game-playing world (not even a year yet on my PS4), so I’ve mostly been playing GoW even though I have a few other free games (and a couple of paid ones) loaded.

I have tried Warframe, Thumper, Shadow of War demo, and started a bit of Witcher too, along with a few more space pilot shooting games I like (Skyforge, Eve Valkyrie: Warzone). I’m still learning how to get around on those, so I haven’t gotten very far.

GoW is my ‘go-to’ game and little time for any more right now.

I’m so used to the controls playing GoW, that I felt like a fish out of water trying to play those 1st-person shooter games and using more of the control button combinations for jumping, shooting, climbing, sliding, flying and other maneuvers and navigation maps. How do you guys even get used to those games? I just find myself wandering all over the place right now. :rofl:


Any of the 3 newest Tomb Raider games, yet to play the newly released one, but it looks damn good! :sunglasses:
The two Ive played was top notch prime score deluxe.

I’ve been playing since I was a kid. Started out on console, switched to PC a while ago and never looked back aside from fighting games, which I do competitions in. Shooting games will come naturally. I remember when I switched to mouse and keyboard I could aim like a pro, but my character couldn’t walk straight because I was so used to the analog sticks.

After about a week of no change, I woke up one day and my character moved exactly like I wanted it to. Something in your brain just clicks and you get a feel for it. However, now that I can walk, I can’t aim which I’ve narrowed down to twitch reflexes with panic. If I can get the latter under control, which in some games I can, I do pretty okay.

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Thanks @Doordash_Support!

I’d bought a Playstation (PS2, I think, or maybe the first version) for my kid when he was little, but I never played it.

I used to play on my computer (Mac) with keyboard and mouse too, so I’m doing the reverse, moving to controllers. I like my new setup with the PS4 though, attached to a projector and speakers, laying back and looking at the huge 86" screen on my wall, and not having to sit at a desk or on a chair for hours to play. I feel more immersed in the games.

But yes I smiled when you mentioned the ‘aiming’ because I’m in the same boat now with that (and camera movements too). I wish there was some sort of ‘training room’ to practice whichever game I’m in without getting shot in the back. Moving the thumb sticks just to look around and move the camera views takes some getting used to, too. I think it’s the sensitivity because I end up overshooting my targets when aiming and turning as well.

After about a week of no change, I woke up one day and my character moved exactly like I wanted it to.

Ha, I hope that eventually happens to me. I’ll keep at it though. :slight_smile:

It will happen. I promise. I doubted it for me, but nope, it happened.

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I’m one of those “patient gamers,” huge backlog and always waiting for sales.

Currently playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


Same as me, no need to rush to pay more right away.

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Waiting for RDR2 of course it look awesome

Plus I need time for Gems!

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Injustice 2, Darks Souls series, Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Fortnite, Mega Man, Deadrising and Hitman.

Same here. I only buy right away, if it’s something i really want. Speaking of which, I can’t wait to see my bill for that new Pokemon Let’s Go + Switch bundle. Lmao.

“I wanna be, the very best…”

(sorry, I couldn’t resist. Lol)

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I am playing Phantom Doctrine, if you like turn based games, maybe you can check it out.

Currently playing Phantom Doctrine. Waiting for Valkyria Chronicles 4, Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption 2 and the new Jagged Alliance.

Also occasionally play Fortnite (REALLY, suck at it), The Division, Fifa, PES and maybe another of the 200 games i have :joy:

PS: I play on PS4