What games do you play aside from GoW?


Recently, it’s been:

Monster Strike (mobile) - Multiplayer co-op monster billiards…kinda. One of the most entertaining mobile games I’ve played, and one of the most successful ever (last I knew, it made $3MM/day). Only in Japanese, unfortunately, because…well…I can’t read or speak it. ;p But it’s easy enough to manage regardless, and there’re English resources online for it.

Alchemist Code (mobile) - Kinda-sorta multiplayer co-op Final Fantasy Tactics, and if that idea makes you salivate, then hurry and start playing right now while their Disgaea collab is running (Laharl is probably the best unit in the game). There’s a JP version that’s about two years ahead of the Global version, but Global is awesome and tons of fun.


A little bit of Dragon Quest 11 (which is pretty darn awesome), but mostly just GOW because it’s my go-to game I can play anywhere at home on my iPad, or phone, if I’m out and about.

I don’t want to stock up on games I don’t play, an old habit I’m trying to grow out of.


World of Warcraft is the other bigger game I play if I’m not playing GoW. Also enjoyed several games on Steam: 10,000,000, Unepic, Torchlight II, Fate series, Deadman’s Draw.


Dragon Quest 11 at the moment. Need to get Divinity 2. I can tell you what I’m not playing right now :wink:


Knowledge is Power https://g.co/kgs/z9E57F

This has been a fun free to play game on ps4


Gran Turismo Sport, Uncharted triology remastered, jurassic world evolutions.

The penalty system in Gran Turismo Sport has been horrible since the latest patch, if someone drives into you from behind u might be disqualified LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL


@mld-81 Possibly you are waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 like a little boy waiting for opening his xmas presents?


It is on my list obviously :+1::joy:


Now I know the only compass that I need is the one that leads to RDR2…


I for one am looking forward to playing missions with butch and his gang. :wink:


Other then GoW, I play Overwatch (mystery hero mode only)