Looking For A Game To Replace GOW

Sick of this game and looking for a new one to replace it. Anyone got any suggestions?


You can’t go wrong with the Witcher 3. I Love the Witcher 3. I completed the game 3 times and reached maximum Hero level 100. That is when I discovered Gems of War and I start playing Gems of War back in 2019.


You might need to move this to Off Topic (gameplay chat refers to GoW gameplay), and even then it might not fly (even though I don’t think it crosses any community guidelines).

I’ve been playing Breach Wanderers! It’s free, in Early Access, basically like Slay the Spire, if you’re familiar – roguelike deck builder, you pick battles or events to make your way up a map to a boss. You earn coin and energy to unlock new characters and cards and power ups.


I feel bad that you feel this way, but yea if you’re into zombies try Dying light 2 (game play wise, the story lacks). Being that I’m from the 80s, I find GoW to be one of those games that if possible could survive a nuclear blast. Why? Because it’s a puzzle game and it’s a RPG and you can add to it and it can keep going.

Different things can be introduced to make the experience different, especially with the different troops. Other games nowadays just don’t cut it for me anymore. When the game ends that’s it, the experience is done, no matter how hard they try to revive it and on top of that I feel bad for spending $60+ on a game I will no longer play.

My fault for writing my life story :sweat_smile: But like I said I feel bad that you feel this way, I know not everyone has to like this game but to me it’s a fun highly addictive game.

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Puzzle Quest 3, I hear the devs are much better. :rofl:


Warframe for very sick alien battling, Warface for FPS that actually moves with your mouse/switch system, Guardian Tales for a sort of zelda but better gameplay and stories plus 48 characters to play in a team of 4. Asphalt 9 Legends now thats really fun on a pc if you like/love racing. Roblox is still around :rofl: So is Minecraft. FooPets is a fun website to take care of a very realistic virtual pet. NeoPets is cool as well you get to take care of alien pets. Primary Games has several games to keep you busy.

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Vampire Survivors

The puzzle quest devs are the same as gems of war… :rofl:


I’ve been thinking the same thing…

Ideally a game that has a similar mechanic, but that’s only recently been released so I can get in at the same level as others, not one that’s already several years old where I’d be playing catch-up all the time.

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Probably Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Both games are AMAZING


I’ve been playing this for a few months, surprisingly fun. Available in a browser and iOS/Android. Cross platform.

Edit: Deleted link so no one gets emotional.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys

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I made a friend here who now plays my other game with me:

The walking dead - no man’s land

CUE cards is also fun but I only play that very casually, and I’ve accepted that I’ll never have everything there. But this game seems to make it possible to get to the top ranks in league games without having to spend lots of currency. Can’t tell if you need all the top cards for that so not 100% sure.

Final Fantasy games. Especially from 7 and up.


Very true. My gf got me FF8 as a gift @Eika

As a general rule, I never want to start playing a new online game again. If someone tells me to log in every day (or every hour), I will. I just don’t want to lose control of my own life like that, again.

Personally, I want to return to my pile of RPG shame. :smiley:


If you want a mobile game with card collection and an interesting, more thoughtful mechanic and cooperative play, try Friends & Dragons. But it’s not for ftp completionists as a warning - ftp is fine up to the highest levels but you won’t get everything without spending

Diablo 2 resurrected :smiley:

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Thanks for the recommendation on Breach Wanderers - kiddo and I have been playing together and we really like it!

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Vampire Survivors is out on Android and iOS now :partying_face: