Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Mika! I am new around here but i am sure you will all get to know me quickly! I love games and play them a lot. I recently stumbled upon Gems of War and found that it can be very relaxing.

I am creating this thread as a means of getting to know all of you. This way any conversation i have with others can never be “off topic”. Please feel free to introduce yourselves here and talk to me about whatever takes your fancy!


Hi, whats your in game name?

Same as here

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Welcome to the addiction known as GoW. You may as well just delete any other games you play as this one will quickly take over all of you free gaming time.

You’ll find a robust & welcoming community here and likely make lots of long time virtual friends while your head explodes trying to grasp what paths you should travel. :wink:


Welcome to the forums! :sunny: If you are new to the game as well, feel free to ask for help or request team building advice. The later can be harder to pin down.

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Lol i kinda doubt that. I give a whole new meaning to the term “casual gamer”. I like too many games to devote my time to just one.

Thank you! I may just do that! As it is i have a team i like pretty well but i am sure its small potatoes compared to the elites out there.

I don’t stress overly much about these things, i play for fun and not to be competitive. I know that the time i have to give to this game would never allow me to be competitive lol

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Welcome to tne game and to forums
Lots of great people here
Have fun!

Thanks! And nice to meet you!

I’ll ask you about this 3 months from now :grin:

I also see you’ve met…others as well. Walk away - its not worth it. They mean well in some unfathomably twisted bizzaro way but you’re never going to get the last word & you’re never going to be right. Just go play the game & enjoy it!

Deal! Lol

Ha! I appreciate your concern but things like that done phase me at all. I have always said that you get what you give and as i told someone else, if someone is nice to me they will find that i’m sweet enough to cause diabetes! But if they are mean and a bully, they will get that in return. I don’t back down unless i am wrong and i am rarely wrong.

Ok so this is interesting. I find a post that was confirmed by @Cyrup to not be inappropriate to be flagged by the community as inappropriate. I see a post where someone accuses me of being on of many alts that plague him amd when i respond by offering him help with his issues i get multiple private mails from several people telling me to “delete your post or else” only to see that it was deleted for me. What is going on here? Someone please (who is a mod or dev) explain to me how the rules are applied and who applies them. I read the guidelines which all seem to be written by the same person but the only place i have seen that name otherwise is the sender of the private mail that i got to notify me that my post was flagged. I assume that was an automated mail.

Looks like i was right lol. Since i am being called a jerk by cyrup this will be my last day playing this game. To the people here in general, enjoy your weird cult thing you have going on here.

In the interest of the community guidelines and avoiding misquoting devs, this is not a direct quote of what I have said. The user has requested we avoid deleting posts, as they have since left the forum I will close this thread.