The Great Maw's premature celebration


I don’t know if this bug has been mentioned before, or even if it has anything to do with Great Maw, but
as you can see, the oversized worm declared itself the victor though the battle had not yet finished. :angry:

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Watch helplessly as it Hungers one troop, Sandstorms the next, then Hungers another in 3 consecutive turns?

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem?


Looks like the game felt bad for you, and ended it early to spare you the frustration.


Hey, I still could’ve won. I only needed 5-6 more spell casts before it got another skull match. :persevere:


Too bad you were using Crescendo instead of Cursed Blade, you could of killed it in two hits.


Hunger in general seems a bit broken (I think). It can sometimes trigger twice on one non-cascading Sheggra skull-splosion and devour two troops, which seems wrong to me (a single “hit” can otherwise not harm two troops, though of course subsequent cascades can). Also, when Hungering, the damage to the next troop is not always reflected properly, and it’ll die from a small bit later. This is similar to the Dust Devil UI/game-state desync when it kills one or more targets with the AoE.


sorry i loled when i saw your troop get eaten but then i saw that you had one troop left after that.


I wonder if it has something to do with this problem:

I suspect so, as it’s also about trait triggering, just on your side, not the opp. Unfortunately I don’t have 3rd trait on Maw yet, so I can’t even try to check anything myself here :frowning:


This can also happen if you play with the Great Maw yourself. I just won a game, and the last enemy troop (Sheggra) was still standing. I also got only credit for killing 3 enemy troops (and there were definately 4). But I only got 5 souls, instead of 7 (I have 1.75 multiplier for souls).