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What the hell happened?

that was weird… missing that 2nd guy. usually thats a over kill on skulls with maw… but… i didnt see that either…

Nobody care to guess?

Sure, I’ll take a guess. The skullsplosion that didn’t appear to even kill the enemy’s first troop, somehow assigned damage to the second. The UI and game state got out of sync, and the game logic determined the match to be over while the UI continued to show a troop, alive and well.

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Never seen this on Console until Maw

maw introduced many of these… weird things

Yes, Drifting Sands was a time of many UI inconsistencies. Maw would Devour and the next troop would be a phantom (like in your video), or Dust Devil would knock around troops and cause all sorts of weird UI glitches.

Unrelated to maw but i had one somewhat similar, aka the exact oposite. I killed everyone but the game didnt end, I had to continue doing skull damage against no players and eventually won

Looks like the same maw induced ghost troop we had here on PC, even after multi-hunger was fixed. Basically, a Hunger trigger will always apply the skull damage to the next troop in line, but without updating their HP. This also bypasses the methods that update the HP or check whether or not the troop is dead, so they get left as a ghost. Your version also has the earlier win conditions that check the “real” values, so the battle will end if there is a ghost troop (on PC, post summon update, ghost troops still existed for a while before this was fixed but made the match continue, making it unwinnable unless they had a trait that updated their HP like regeneration or life drain.) If it is like the PC glitch, you wont get souls for this missing kill, but you’ll still win, for now. An easy way to force the glitch is to attack buff maw to one-shot range for the next troop in line before taking any skulls (in a challenge, if you want to make it easy) and if you ever happen to get a Hunger proc, you’ll always leave the next troop in line as a ghost.

Another of the ghost troop glitches deals with mass skull spam immediately followed by spell damage, but I never experienced that directly when it was a problem, so I’m unsure exactly how to trigger it (and thus avoid it).

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You’re right, it’s exactly that glitch. The reason I didn’t see it before was because, on Console, the Devour animation is so different than it is on PC/mobile. In this video, the Knight Coronet gets eaten, the skull damage applied to the Griffon Knight due to the skullsplosion glitch, and the troop is dead without you being given feedback to that effect. That took a long while for the PC devs to track down and fix; hopefully Console can get a fast turnaround.

The easiest way to trigger the “lead troop attacks all enemy troops on Magic AoE” glitch was to use Infernal King to match lots of greens and skulls. That would trigger his own spell (AoE damage component) to cause the lead troop to do physical damage (and apply Burning, if a traited IK led).


This isn’t the EXACT same glitch, because I’ve never seen a ghost Troop until now.

Here’s a clip of a ghost Troop that Maw had no part of. Video starts to show the complete teams but the ghost Troop happens at the end.

I believe Entangle prevented damage, but the game still registered a hit regardless, killing the Troop.

Yeah, that’s one I’ve never seen before. Hope they can figure it out for y’all!

I don’t see anything odd in this video… did you cut off the important bit, maybe?

last bit, the spell did not hit her second troop.

Ah, you mean the Druid’s spell hit Gloomleaf twice, correctly, but the 1 point splash damage wasn’t applied.

Wish someone had said that instead of “It’s a ghost troop!” - which really didn’t at all say the same thing (to me) as “the splash damage on Druid’s spell didn’t trigger.”

Isn’t Druid supposed to always hit two different troops, if possible? It should not have skipped the Dryad with one of the two hits unless the game thought she was dead.


The Druid’s Spell should have hit each opponent once but Dryad was a “ghost”. Was there at the end.

@Lyya (I’m tagging you because you seem interested in these. Should I stop?)

Here’s a new one, full fight recorded this time:

I reported that some days ago in the bug thread and why it happens.

Yup, no video though and no mention of a ghost Troop.

@Mr.Strange All three instances of a ghost Troop occured in the second slot. That may be useful information to forward