The Golden Phoenix Inn (30/30) The Inn is full - Weekly Reqs: 1mil/1500s - Loyalty and Honor (30/30)


We are a group of Gow Veterans who are building THE GOLDEN PHOENIX INN, a new guild which will be a place where you can chill and have fun in an old school environment free from the stresses of GW and weekly events.

Come and be a part of something new from the beginning, we already have a group of highly experienced friendly fun and helpful members and more will be following shortly.


  • 1500 Seals
  • 1 Million Gold

If you are interested but only near our reqs, contact me via PM MadKing#0962 and we will see if we can find a solutions to have you with us

If you are new to Gow and are looking for a friendly guild with low requirements, Loyalty and Honor is the place for you! You will find the support of a group of old players, willing to help you to grow in the game.

Requirements of Loyalty and Honor are:

  • 850 seals per week
  • GW participation

Join us on our Discord for more info


Nice banner and guild name! Wish you all the best! :+1:


thank you Eika!


Good luck with the new guild venture, @madking!


Thx @Ashasekayi


MadKing don’t forget to say beer and steak gratis for our regulars and who wants to give a look in our warm Inn.
Thx for the wishes @Eika and @Ashasekayi


Some spots still available, but a lot of gold ready to be dropped on Monday!


The Inn is officially open! We are waiting for all those that share our idea of a dedicated but relaxed guild, no matter if you are an old dinosaur like me or a new and addicted player.

Contact me via PM on Discord MadKing#0962 if you are interested even if you can not exactly meet the gold requirement, so we will evaluate your status


Do you have to be a GoldPhoenix to join?


No, you can be any kind of animal, you just need reach our reqs to join :joy:


nice work! :relaxed: Old-school environment? :stuck_out_tongue:




The Inn is open, join our Discord if you are interested


Morning bump! We have a seat available at the Inn, join our Discord if you are interested.

Looking for a guild. 1000+ but hold your horses

Grats on filling up as much as you have :slightly_smiling_face:


Thx Jonathan!


Bump. One place free in the Inn. Come and have a beer with us before the barrel runs dry !!


One seat available as of 11 November. Join quickly, because we finish all tasks and get many LTs within a few hours of changeover !


The Inn is full again. Our waiting list is open, if interested join our Discord