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Looking for a high performing guild without guild wars

Hi. I’m lvl 1000+

I can donate 3mil gold/week (everybody has to though)
Max seals
Guild wars I want to ignore (It’s just abuse in there!)
Trophy’s…keep it moderate…

I lost interest before and I want to try again.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. (Because I don’t know of any guild that requires that much gold with zero GW.)
Then there will be an opening in Fear the RNG after Guild Wars for you. GW is required, but can be waived in special cases.
If interested, please join our server https://discord.gg/gnNBvdc or add me on discord A.W.Ryan#6052
We can discuss it further there if you’d like.

Hey Jerry, I think two guilds in Tyrant alliance are for you: SCP Foundation(3M) and Welfare Home X(2.6M). Both guilds have no requirement for GW scores and the only thing needed is to complete all 30 battles. Also, both guilds do not have any requirement for trophies. Join our discord to learn more: https://discord.gg/ZV9tJUr

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@Jerry you can contact the golden phoenix inn. It is a great guild without guild war requirement

@Schu Hi. I can’t find the guild in game.

Here’s their recruitment thread. Not sure you can locate them in game. Dm’ing @madking here on the forums or checking out their discord server is the best way to reach The Inn. Not sure what kind of openings they have available.

@Jerry - we are a group of top 10 players who have left our guild and restarted a dead guild. We are currently looking for players and would love to see you. We will start in a very low GW bracket so come over and have a chat https://discord.gg/EjDXfWJ and lets see if we fit :slight_smile: