Looking for a new guild (GW optional)

I’m looking for a guild with high gold reqs (800000-1600000), achieving 40k seals and completing all basic tasks and most of the epic tasks every week. It is important that GW is optional! I’m not interested in playing GW!

My Level is 1100+, I do 600+ trophies every week and discord is available.

You may want to mention that also expect the guild chat to be active/lively.
If that’s no longer an expectation of yours then I’ll happily delete this comment. Either way, I wish you the best of luck finding exactly what you want.

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Wasted Talent sounds like what you are looking for. Discord link and description of requirements in link below.

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Correct, we have an open spot in Wasted Talent. you seem like a perfect candidate.
Reqs: 800k gold - 200 trophies during non GW-weeks - Spend minimum event sigils or buy it out with 1.2 mln gold
Weekly rewards: All events completed (the second world event that spawns on the weekend may be an exception) - all Basic Tasks completed on Monday + 4-5 Epic Tasks later in the week - 40k seals by Wednesday or Thursday
GW is encouraged but completely optional.

We chat both in game and on Discord.