The Golden Keep is recruiting - We have rooms for all players, from beginners to GW fighter! And the ale is always on the house!

Imagine a typical inn and at one table some people sitting. All so different and all so similar, all contributing, talking, sharing ideas and brainstorming to create that perfect little chatter-banter that brings such a familiarity. You hear it and you smile because you know you’re home.

Such is our family of guilds. All under one roof, every opinion is valued and taken into consideration, we help each other with game strategy, specific game-related chat channels, and friendly RL topics! We offer you an active and helpful community and we have something for all types of players: casual and hardcore, talkative or silent, newbie or experienced!

If you’d like to meet us already we are here The Golden Keep

We offer you a place within our big family where new players can learn from years of game experience and the vets can sit back, relax and enjoy the daily challenges of teaching the newbies!

The Golden Phoenix Inn
We are a group of Gow Veterans and we have built The Golden Phoenix Inn, a guild which is a place where you can chill and have fun in an old school environment free from the stresses of GW and weekly events.

Our requirements:

  • 1500 Seals
  • 1.5 Million Gold
  • Events: special participation

On average, we close all tasks and some LT every week. Even if events are optional, we complete them.

Tigerclaw is one of the high GW guilds of the group. If you feel ready for a challenge in Bracket7-9, these are the weekly requirements:

  • 1.3 million gold
  • 1500 seals
  • 300 trophies
  • Minimum sigils in non-GW weekly events
  • 30 GW battles

Wasted Talent
Wasted Talent is an established guild of high-level laid-back players, where our general philosophy is simple: Play how you want to play.


  • 800k gold.
  • 300 trophies during non-GW weeks (trophy reqs won’t be enforced during GW week).
  • Weekly event completion is expected, and everybody is expected to pull their weight. If we fail to finish all tiers, or need a big push at the end, players who didn’t pull their weight will be contacted to discuss if they’re a good fit for the guild.
  • Weekend events are optional but encouraged.
  • GW participation is optional but encouraged.

We do 40k seals, finish all event reward tiers, and provide a decent-but-not-insane GW challenge at bracket 18-20 for those who enjoy it for fun (GW is completely optional with no performance expectations).

Night Furies
Night Furies is a fast-growing and competitive GW-focused guild of The Keep. Filled with high-active gamers, The Furies are embracing GoW at full blast with lots of love and dedication. These dragons are going in to claim victory and glory on the better, brighter lands of Krystara leaderboards.


750k gold (1.5 million in GW weeks)
1500 seals
300 trophies
30 GW battles B11 - min score 45K (Sentinels min 4 each or a total of 16 in any preferred combination)
We offer 40k seals on Tuesday, 3-4 epics all weeks / LTs in GW week and all events closed. GW is our special week of loot and glory - play with the Furies, play to win and conquer the higher brackets :grin: !!!

Hung Jury

  • 400k gold.
  • 1000 seals
  • 200+ trophies
  • GUILD WARS participation.
  • Participation in World Events & Raids & Invasions & (especially) Tower of Doom is strongly encouraged for the sake of the team


  • Players (Under lvl 400): 0 gold / 1000 seals / 100 trophies / GW& Event Participation (use free sigils)
  • Players (Over lvl 400): 250K+ gold / 1000 seals / 100 trophies / GW & Event Participation (use free sigils)
  • Guild Wars participation – Play your 30 battles, set your defenses to 24 unique troops, no sentinel requirement
  • Guild Event participation – Use all free sigils at minimum and exceed the minimum expected points posted in guild chat message weekly

Aurora Hall
Aurora Hall is the relaxed and new players guild of the group.
The reqs are:

  • For players who are leveling kingdoms: 1500 seals
  • For players with kingdoms at 10: 1500 seals and 150k gold

Loyalty & Honor
The very first step in our family. Great for all those that are discovering the game or for those who are looking for a super relaxed and casual guild
The requirements are:

  • just be active, no reqs

Join us on our Discord for more info about our group The Golden Keep


Nice banner and guild name! Wish you all the best! :+1:

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thank you Eika!

Good luck with the new guild venture, @madking!

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Thx @Ashasekayi

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MadKing don’t forget to say beer and steak gratis for our regulars and who wants to give a look in our warm Inn.
Thx for the wishes @Eika and @Ashasekayi


The Inn is officially open! We are waiting for all those that share our idea of a dedicated but relaxed guild, no matter if you are an old dinosaur like me or a new and addicted player.

Contact me via PM on Discord MadKing#0962 if you are interested even if you can not exactly meet the gold requirement, so we will evaluate your status

Do you have to be a GoldPhoenix to join?

No, you can be any kind of animal, you just need reach our reqs to join :joy:

nice work! :relaxed: Old-school environment? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Grats on filling up as much as you have :slightly_smiling_face:

Thx Jonathan!


Bump. One place free in the Inn. Come and have a beer with us before the barrel runs dry !!

One seat available as of 11 November. Join quickly, because we finish all tasks and get many LTs within a few hours of changeover !

2 Seats available in the Inn . Please call in for a chat on Discord at Discord to confirm you like us :star_struck: or pm MadKing#0962

The Inn is now full, but there are a couple of seats available in Loyalty and Honor

We need one more member.
Very reasonable requirements.
1500 seals and 1 million gold.
Contact our Mad king for all the 411.We get about a dozen LTs a week.

We are looking for one capable, laid-back fun-loving player who would like to share our great rewards, and donate towards getting them ! Come and enjoy your game again with us in the Inn! The Golden Keep

We now have one place free…

Join us now before changeover and get maximum benefits. We finish all tasks and start getting LTs on a Monday within about 6 hours after changeover.

Pop in to The Golden Keep to confirm we are a good new home for you!