Looking for a guild willing to join the Inn group

Hi all,
in October/18 we opened the Inn (The Golden Phoenix Inn is recruiting (1mil/1500s - 25-30Lts weekly) - Loyalty and Honor (750s+GW) - Spots open in L&H) because we wanted to create a place for end-gamers looking for a guild that can get good rewards but without the pressure of weekly events.

The Inn has grown quite fast, in less than 5 months we reached top500 and we settled on an avg of 25LT per week.

Now, we would like to “open” an Inn#2 with the same philosophy and game vision but with lower reqs than the Inn#1,with the goal to give a home to those who are looking for a semi-casual guild who can grant them a decent amount of resources, but with the freedom of playing like they want and the possibility to come the Inn#1 if they want to push a little harder.

If you are the GM of a guild (active, dead, that needs to be rebuilt) that already use Discord and could be interested in our idea, contact me on Discord (MadKing#0962).

Have a nice day all!