Seeking a new home!

Hey all - I’m looking for a new Guild. Have loved the one that I’ve been in for over 4 years but membership has dwindled as has activity so I think it’s time to move on. I’m a really active player, am rank 1464 and have put in 291 million in gold over my 4 years.

Looking for an active guild with chilled members who enjoy the game (maybe a tougher ask these days!)

I play on iOS via my iPad or phone


I can recommend The Golden Keep family of guilds, a guild suited for everyone.

Hop onto the discord to discuss further if you want:

Some more details here:

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Hey Sherby :smiley: We are part of the Golden Keep recommended just above :smiley:

This is us:

Night Furies: Rising has an opening if anyone would be interested. Reqs: GW 30 battles (B6 - min score 45k - sentinels at IV or any preferred combination of 16 total), 750k gold (1,5 mil in GW week), 1500 seals, 300 trophies, min tier 2 for events, split evenly between the guild. We offer: all basics by Monday, all normal weeks minimum 3-4 epics and ~200+ LTs in GW weeks, 40k by Tuesday and a great team to play along with. If you are interested in joining our amazing team and be part of an awesome family please give us a shout out or join us at The Golden Keep

If our offer seems good for you we would love to offer you a place in our great home :smiley:

You can see us on ToD LB positioning at #19 if you want some details about the guild.

We shall be awaiting you should our offer be good for you :smiley:

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Thanks both of you for your reply - sounds just what I’m looking for. I’ve just put a post on my guild chat and another couple of our really active members are keen to move over too so we might be looking for somewhere that can take all three of us. We’re gutted to leave as it’s been a great guild for a long time but is just petering out a bit now. My GT is Dazbo