Level 568 looking formos a guild

Comming back after some time. Need a guild who could help me to understand changes.

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if you can meet our reqs, we have some spots open at the Golden Phoenix Inn The Golden Phoenix Inn (27/30) 1 seat in the Inn - Weekly Reqs: 1mil/1500s - 25-30Lts weekly - Loyalty and Honor (25/30) Reqs: 850 seals

Final Fantasy would love to have you! We’re a friendly bunch, and newbie-friendly so we don’t mind explaining some of the oddities. (Though we’ve also got plenty of old timers, too!) Our reqs are either 1000 seals OR 500 seals and 100k gold; we just want active players who love the game. Interested? PM me, or post in our thread!! Hope you have fun no matter where you end up!