The feeling when you get two of the same Legendary = #¤%&%&/

As the subject says. I just got my 2nd Shadow Dragon this week. And I just feel its torture to get the same Legendary, as I already have one, and rarely get them as well. However using two Shadowdragons in a troop lineup just seems like a bad idea. Getting almost two of this legendary right after each other feels just so wasted, I can get 100 souls if I trash him. And that makes me feel sad. I am playing it on PS4, is there any other options for me, I just find it kinda weird if the only option for me is to trash him for 100 souls.


(NB! I am a new player and english is not my native language)

Save it, you’ll regret it if you give it up now.

As of patch 1.0.8 (consoles are long ways off from this, but it WILL happen) you can fuse 5 extras of a Legendary to make it as powerful as any rarity can possibly get, into ‘Mystic’ rarity.

Like you said, obtaining legendaries is difficult, imagine how hard it’d be to obtain 6 (or even 9 if you want 4 total) of one Legendary just to further make it Mystic.

So yeah, keep it and never throw it away, ever. You’ve been warned!

Know the feeling.
I have 18 copies of Orion for example :smile:

Absolutely… looking at 108 coming in, so many of us now really regretting disenchanting excess legendaries… or disenchanting much at all actually!

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LOL, I just recently said farewell to an Orion, now I can regret…

The pitcher thing is, there are worse troops to have doubled of, shadow dragons ability can actually feed itself so having two in a team is perfectly viable! Throw an alchemy in there and you’ve got some good combo going on!

Wow, is that a 1st tier deck, thought? Have you tested it? Interesting one, mac. :slight_smile:

no I haven’t built that deck before. I’ve run enough decks to know it’s viable though.
Options to round it out:
Hero with ghosts bane, anu’s scepter, or winters woe. I lean more towards the scepter because it can also help fill you’re mana.

Treant will give you full color spectrum at the cost of slowing down alchemist but could make a good front tank.

Not sure if green slime is available to you, but the would be the best choice.

I like fast hit and slashes decks tho…but thanks for the idea tho.

Haha ok dude. You should at least try out though, true damage is FUN. anyway, peace.

peace, mac.

I have as many as 7 legendaries of Orion and a 5 other legendaries for instance, but I am still missing one legendary Sheggra. I have seen several players that have all their legendaries that are of a much lower hero level than me too. I am at level 482 and I have been playing the game for a year now and still missing Sheggra no matter how many keys I opened.

It’s just whether you get good or bad luck or whether you can afford the $50.00 american /45.49 euro to spend and buy your missing hero.

So that might help to know others are in the same if not similar situation as you. Wishing you good luck in the future on that.

What I don’t get is they give away troops you get just by playing the kingdom quests. I have 2 Brian The Lucky. 2 Tau. 2 Alastair. 2 x Tyri also.

I also have 4 x Valkyrie which someone else was struggling to get 1 of.

It’s all random.

I’m level 56 and still haven’t had a single legendary , never mind about 2. But gratz.

I was level 730 ish before I got my Sheggers so dont lose hope - there’s still plenty of scope for you to get one before then :wink:

i just got my hunter from pridelands. im almost level 400. (i played on a different char to start and remade my account - i had the hunter at level 3 or something :slight_smile: )

I’ve opened hundreds of chests. Level 65, no legendaries. >^.^<

On that note, is there anyway to know how many chest one has opened? … And yes, I do believe getting a Legendary is totally random as mentioned!

I just started playing GoW about 3 weeks ago, when I came across it on the XB1. I’m currently just over level 80, and now have 6 legendaries, with only one being a copy, which is Orion. - Now my wife is about the same level, since she plays while I’m at work :angry::smile: - But she just got her first Legendary yesterday, which was by chance, Orion.

I’m thinking we’ve probably opened up about the same amount of chest in that time, and I’m only guessing, but would think that’s probably somewhere around 200-300? - So I was just wondering if there was anyway to know.

Thanks. :smile:

Happened to me (got a 2nd jarl firemantle) and i forgot to threshold him so when i did mass destroy he went away. T_T