Got two Shadow dragons, now what?


I have heard that, using two Shadow Dragons in a deck is quite beast. However I lost the information about who to companies those Shadow Dragons with to make it roll over every troop with eas. Who are those troops to run along side with 2x Shadow Dragons?



Try Alchemist… and anything Blue/Green of your choice to tank in front…


Thanks for reply, but are my statement about the roumors right, that this is a beast?


Yes it’s pretty good, in my view. Paired with Alchemist you can create mega true damage… takes some time to get working… personally I wouldn’t use two together, but lots of people do…


2x Shadow Dragons was my very first team in this game due to lucky key drops. At the time, I use to run it with Wight and Brian the lucky for I didn’t have an Alchemist. A decent build for it now would be:

Shadow Dragon
Wolf Knight (with all traits, work towards it)
Shadow Dragon

Wolf Knight’s ability AND skull damage does true damage, allowing it clean up everything that Shadow Dragon misses. Wolf Knight also has the lowest mana cost of any true damage ability in the game at 8 mana.

(EDIT: Oops, didn’t see PS4/Xbox. Ignore the traits thing. xD The above build is still applicable, but not as strong.)